06 September 2010

Burning Issue

There are people--and I use the word loosely--that are advocating burning the Quran later this week, apparently as some sort of protest against Islam, although they often call Islam "Muslim."

As an atheist, I shouldn't give a tinker's damn, but I prefer to cast fuel on a fire and state that in response to the idiocy of burning the Quran, I too will burn a book. A "book of books" that as far as I'm concerned should be cast into the fire because it talks about Adam, Abraham, Noah, Moses, David, the angel Gabriel and Jesus. 

That book...is the Quran. Not the Bible, the Quran. A book that derives its tradition from many of the same sources that Christians claim make "their book" sacrosanct. (Yes, I said "claim." Think about it and you'll see not only that I'm right, but how right I am. And no, I'm not burning either one.)

So for the addle-brained cowards that want to burn a book they've never read, that mentions many of the key personages in the book they bandy about and haven't read either, here's a two word piece of advice: Shut up. Here's two more: Go away. And just for funsies, two more: Drop dead.

You moronic zealots have no corner on any truth, nor any concept of what your proposed action means, nor of the consequences it can engender. You are not on the front lines of a stupid war, so burning books in the comfort and safety of your own clannish compounds is nowhere near being an act of "bravery" and falls distinctly in the category of "retarded." If anything, you'll hear about the consequences of your idiocies when the international news reports you ignore and don't understand tell you that American citizens and soldiers somewhere far away were injured or killed when a zealot from their side decides that his idiocy needs to be expressed as well.

For you see, stupidity breeds stupidity. Islam is not necessarily Muslim and Muslim is not definitely and beyond question not necessarily terrorist. But burning a religion's holy book--for no good reason and yours, you moronic "Christians", is FAR from good--can only be considered an insult, especially as it flies directly in the face of the message of forgiveness, tolerance and generosity predicated by Jesus in the Bible and the Quran. And insults--despite religious spoutings--are rarely tolerated and left unanswered.

I can't stop morons from being morons and "Christians" from acting like thugs, which in this case is the same group. All I can do is raise My voice and say "You're wrong...again" and wonder why a concept so suffused with preaching values, morals and standards of the highest behavior is so very often the motivation behind the lowest and basest behavior that makes Us more like animals than humans.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

{Update: 9 Sep 2010: Here, in graphic form, is a much-briefer version of My post...including the underlying emotion to it all.

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