22 August 2011

The GasoDildo Down Our Throats

The president of the government board of the local power authority is front-page news in one of Our puppy-trainer rags because despite the deep drop in oil prices since May, she stated that the fuel charge on Our bills will not be adjusted for at least a year, by which time the proposed 93-mile natural gas pipeline they call "Vía Verde" and I accurately define as the GasoDildo, is expected to be operational.

Okay, that was the Vaseline.

At the same time, she pointed out that Our electric bills could not be expected to drop as "(O)ur agreement with (bond)holders is that losses are passed on to (Our) customers, not to them."

<Theme from "Shaft" goes here.>

GasoDildo, anyone?

The (non)government is spending an estimated 2 million dollars on advertising the "Vía Verde," the """"""green"""""" natural gas pipeline that will """"""save"""""" Us money and make Us less dependent on oil. Every electric bill comes with a blatant, bare-faced lie: how much money We "could" have saved with the green dildo project. So in one simple press conference, the whole scheme is revealed:

A) Our electric bill is being politically jimmied to force Us to accept the green dildo. This is known as the "Vaseline Gambit", and...

B) We're going to get screwed up the ying-yang to where it says "Made in Japan" when the whole green dildo thing blows up...either financially (a given) or literally (a distinct possibility with ignoramus engineers in charge.)

And Our protest is...where? It's like the whole thing is a green dildo crammed down Our throats: We know it's uncomfortable, We know it's hateful, but We can't seem to do much more than gag a feeble "ackh". If that.

So now what? The GasoDildo is revealed for what it is--exactly--and We...ignore it? Wait until it's ripped from Our throats and in the split-second before it plugs Our fundament We utter a feeble cry of protest, drowned out by the sounds of illegal and immoral profiteers pig-cackling at Our expense?

If the GasoDildo were truly a cost-saving, infrastructure-enhancing project, the electrical authority would continue business as usual because they already offered the bonds needed to pay for the damn thing. They wouldn't have to keep gouging Us. And if the project were truly cost-effective and the (non)government truly believed it would make a strong positive difference, We wouldn't be on the hook for it. Why? Because then the (non)government would have either raised a hell of a lot more money or they would have received a much higher bond rating (and pay a lower interest to investors.)

None of those things are true. The GasoDildo is not meant to benefit Us: it's meant to rape Us while a few pimps make out like...pimps.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

[Update: 25 August 2011: Brazilian wind power cheaper than natural gas. And Brazil doesn't have to import natural, like We do. Alternative technologies--solar, wind, tidal--are cheaper in the long run than a 93-mile shaft. The problem? Our Fools can't figure out how to make oodles of money using them to screw Us. If they could, they would...and benefit Us. By mistake, but I'd take it.]


Prometeo said...

If only more people were aware of all this. But most of the TV watching, radio listening and paper reading non thinking cosumers believe all the hoopla and propaganda of the Via Verde gang. And good thing you mention the drop in oil prices and the AEE keeping the charge for fuel adjustment as they call it I don't know why people haven't realized this yet and continue to pay their bills without protesting.

Kofla Olivieri said...

I simply don't understand how people can be so passive, accept this crap by this corrupt government, without fighting back.
Kofla @ God of War Diaries

GCSchmidt said...

Prometeo and Kofla, I don't get Our passivity either. I lash out via The Jenius and every once in a while blow My stack at a government employee (with the subsequent guilty feeling of having expected a cow to do calculus), so I do express My outrage. But not enough.

The scenario I see with the GasoDildo is that it gets provisional approval (Corps of Engineers) and (short version) the hyenas make out like bandits on the land deals. Happened with Route 66, but I don't think the GasoDildo will make it that far. At least, I hope not. We've already been screwed way too much.

Ms. Conciencia said...

People are entertained with stupid news and irrelevant issues. This is ABSOLUTLY the lamb island...were most of its population has a great problem of:
a. mental retardation
b. ignorance
c. reality non-acceptance
d. doesn't care about what happens
e. Conformism.
f. all of the above.

And yeas, I'm ashamed of my country-people because of their inaction to respond to this (un)government actions/deeds/evil plans, and of course, I do hate the Pig Squad, for obvious reasons.

GCSchmidt said...

Ms. Conciencia, I hear you. I feel that way sometimes, but I do see the good We have. It might not be enough to overcome the wave of revulsion We feel at times, but it is part of Our reality as well.

Nelson said...

It's not just the passivity here on the island, you find the same in abundance in all 50 states.

I stopped blogging about politics and spewing my views on the lame citizenry. I consider them apes. Although, I think an orangutan has more awareness of his environment.

A month ago I was waiting for Pitusa to open their doors as had I gotten there early. I decided to wait under a tree and along came this older couple and right off the bat the husband starts yapping about social security and how the government didn't have the right to cut him off, they had to come up with the money, it was the law.

I chimed in and told him to go read the bill (something I knew he never done in all the years he spent merrily sending his money into that black hole). Go read the part where it states you have no right to your money as the feds are under no obligation to pay you back. He looked at me like I was the demented nutcase under the tree that day. I should cut out my tongue the next time I try to educate another ape. People have no clues as to the rights they are suppose to have. Not even the concept of jury nullification. Something as powerful as "I don't agree with your stupid laws and therefore, I can't convict the defendant in this case. Period. Exclamation mark."

Good luck hoping that your fellow numb-nuts will even get a clue.

Just read what happened to Nestor, a person who paid 19-years into SS:


And even where the law is not clear, you can bet your ass that the supreme court will side, ahem... I meant to write "interpret" in favor of the state. You as a citizen can go eat crow.

And people in the United States still think they have rights. I mean the concept of social security is not even constitutional. Like most of the what the federal government does.

Ask the American citizens of Japanese descent that lived thru World War II where was the supreme court to uphold their rights before they were sent to internment camps. Just When they needed their rights to be guaranteed under a Constitution that clearly offers such a protection, it was denied. Aren't we all citizens regardless from where we cam from? Apparently not, as the government still has unconstitutionally given themselves this crazy power. And you bet they can get away with it in the future. We have asshats for fellow citizens. I don't believe for one moment I have any rights, not with the corrupt establishments we have here on this island and in the 50 United States. Consider yourself a serf, at least that way you will not be living a lie, and know exactly where you stand.

Oh, have you heard? Now we must start paying for our property, even the poor. In other words, you thought you owned your houses here on the island. We were just told that we had to segregate the acre we live in, otherwise my father in-law will have to pay for our house as a second home.

Here we go folks... let the government take a mile today and tomorrow they take 50-miles. How fun.

"Serfs is what you are, and don't you forget it!"

"Yess, massa! I here yah!"

GCSchmidt said...

Nelson, I hear you when you say you gave up on trying to illuminate the masses. Not an easy task. I see My role here as trying to find the educated ones, one at a time. Maybe We become the "thoughtful group that changes things", to paraphrase Margaret Mead or maybe I'm simply trying to figure out who to take in the lifeboat. Your arguments and observations are valid; wish they weren't, though.