25 August 2011

Bareassed Hypocrisy



Pictures, self-taken from a cell phone, appear on a gay website. In a couple of them, a man is naked, on all fours, revealing his... base assets.

Point One: There is no doubt--no doubt at all--that the pictures are meant to be an invitation to sex. The pictures show a man, deliberately covering his face for that very important "sense of mystery," but revealing his body (one picture is of his naked torso), to the extent of "offering his wares" with his "doggy stance."

Point Two: What a person does in private is private and should remain that way, barring a greater good (solving a major crime, for example.) But what a person posts to the digital world is NOT private. It is NOT. Posting a picture to a website or tweeting a pic is NOT a private matter, simply because it spreads outside of anyone's control the moment you hit "Enter." Any position that doesn't acknowledge this basic truth is wrong.

The pictures were almost immediately linked to local senator and majority speaker Roberto "Me Espickin Inglich" Arango, notorious for his support of a statehood he can't define in the "official" language of the country he wants to become a part of.

His first reaction: That's not me. This is a political smear. Or words to that effect. Hell.

His second reaction, when shown the photos: He looks at them and then says That isn't Me.

Oh hell.

Here's the natural reaction of the totally innocent: It doesn't matter what photos you have, I don't have to see them because I'VE NEVER DONE THAT.

His third reaction: Yeah, that's me, but they were pictures taken of my weight loss efforts. But I don't remember those pictures.

Oh fucking hell.

Of course, the liar has already said he won't resign. Why should he? It's not like ethics or morality or integrity or dignity have ANYTHING to do with being a hyena-level thief in Our government. Hell, those are the "deal killers" that keep you from getting (s)elected.

The added twist is that Espickin Inglich has openly supported the proposed amendment to make marriage heterosexual only. So in a pattern that is very very familiar to observers of the Republican Party, the Moral Majority and other hypocrisy-required-for-membership groups, Espickin Inglich wants to legislate against those he wants to join. Carnally, to go Biblical on his ass.

Another day, another scandal, another dollop of barefaced--well actually: bareassed--hypocrisy.


The Jenius Has Spoken.

[Update: 28 August 2011: Espickin Inglich resigned his ass from the senate.]

[Update: 9 February 2012: Espickin Inglich photographed kissing a man on a Miami beach. Not a crime, but for an ex-public official who made it a point to mock homosexuals and try to persecute them, it simply confirms hypocrisy. And homosexuality, if you're counting.]


Kofla Olivieri said...

He is using the same textbook strategies from the same lying hyenas that work in congress. lol

Like all politicians, the lying and cover up after getting caught is what destroy their political careers.

I personally don't have a problem with him posting naked pictures on a private personal site. It is his personal business. But as a person in his position, he should have known better. And he was probably outed by a gay person, I don't think a straight male would browse/search a gay personal website looking for pictures of guys.

I think his days as a politician in Puerto Rico are numbered, he is done.
Kofla @ God of War Diaries

Unknown said...

I'm told some of the pics surfaced after he posted them on a gay dating site. Others where leaked by someone taking pics of the original pics with a cellphone, its why they are reversed in some media outlets. The gay dating site angle is played up in the US media covering this. Considering the Puritan DNA in that country this is not surprising.
This politician has been notorious for his homophobic agenda. Its sad that someone has to cover up part of his true nature to be able to advance his political career. He's a semi functional moron yes, but what does it say about us as a society that he has to cover up part of himself in order to climb the political ladder?

GCSchmidt said...

I agree, Gabo, but I see it as "Why would a decent person want to run for public office?" Different strokes. Let's see what he does for an encore. I'm giving 5-3 odds he sinks even lower and starts a church.

Ms. Conciencia said...

Gil, I think too he will fund a church or even make him a born-again Christian for his own agenda. People like Noris Diaz, Marjorie and many other artists and politicians claiming themselves being born-again Christians are huge hypocrites. Like some people say: El que tenga ojos, que vea, :They, who have eyes, observe.

GCSchmidt said...

Ms. Conciencia--who still has an open invitation from Moi to explore options in the revenue-generating fields of her interest--, I hope We're both wrong about Butt-Boy's possible use of "a religious experience" for his own greedy purposes. One, because it would confirm he is useless as a human being, as maybe even his tissue and organs are defiled to the point of gangrene. Two, because it would rally a group of people already too confused to use reason to make decisions, therefore he could become even more popular than he ever was and get re-elected, and We, the majority, don't deserve that. And three, because it would cement Our legacy of hypocrisy trumping virtue, a humiliating tendency We have that keeps Us struggling at the bottom--pun intended--of Our barrel.