24 November 2011

Stiff Yocasta Brugal & Her Lying Liars

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In a surprise announcement, the San Juan Bautista Hospital (SJBH), affiliated in some nebulous way with the San Juan Bautista School of Medicine (SJBSOM), incompetently run by the SJBullshitters (SJBullshitters), reports it is to be purchased by the privately-owned Menonita Hospital Group.

In one action, the SJBSOM's lack of clinical resources could--could--be improved. Given that the School is on probation now, after a fulminating loss of accreditation in early October, strengthening an obvious weak point, a vital component for accreditation, seems like the right move.


The Menonita Group purchase of the SJB Hospital might be honest...from the Menonita's side. They currently operate two successful hospitals in nearby Cayey and Aibonito, as well as a handful of clinics in the same areas. A geographic expansion into a larger regional city, albeit with a troubled hospital, is a good move. But is this as clear as it appears to be, the straight-up salvaging of a weak hospital?

Let's be objective:

1) It is possible that the Menonita Group (MG) was already negotiating with Brugal MenDacious before the LCME arrived in March after finding out--from a press report--that the SJBH had filed for bankruptcy in February. Maybe placing it in bankruptcy was part of the "sweetening" of the deal to make the Hospital more appealing to the MG. (It happens.) But if that is the case, and given the enormous weight the LCME gave to the SJB's very weak clinical resources since 2007, why didn't Brugal MenDacious and her lying liars not mention any of this potential deal in their """defense""" of the School's accreditation? 

The Menonita Group would benefit more from the School being accredited, the Hospital would be more valuable to the LCME (for SJBSOM accreditation purposes) under MG than under the SJBullshitter's fecal-foolish follies and the deal could conceivably have bought the School time and not lose its accreditation. Any of these reasons would make at least mentioning the potential deal an absolute must, never mind all three--but only if the deal was already in the works.

2) Conclusion: the MG deal is recent, at least no older than late September. Why? Because the Appeal Panel hearing was in mid-September, and if--a huge "if"--Brugal MenDacious had the brains God gave a gangrenous bone(-headed) tumor she might have anticipated the School getting hammered badly and opened a channel to the MG as early as mid-September. But that would be giving her credit she hasn't shown she deserves. Ergo, the deal dates from after the loss of accreditation letter on October 3rd, meaning that Brugal MenDacious and whatever lying liar she used as a go-between (I'd look to the Board of Trustees on this one...) basically put this deal together in about 6 weeks.

Think about it: if Brugal MenDacious were operating from a basis of honesty and good faith at the (broken) helm of the SJBSOM and Board VP of the SJBH, would she have any reason to not talk about the Menonita Group? If she were operating in the best interests of the SJBSOM and the SJBH--a postulate with about as much evidence behind it as creationism--(a) couldn't she have avoided the loss of accreditation mess and (b) wouldn't the timing of this deal be different, i.e., earlier?

3) Given these premises, doesn't it seem that the deal is not exactly a godsend, but is probably another "trick" in the lengthy "Cover Lying Asses" saga of the SJBSOM and the SJBullshitters? To wit: what did the SJBH and the SJBSOM give up to close the deal? Note I'm not accusing the MG of any wrongdoing; Let's face it, they don't have to do anything even remotely off-center to get this hospital because the urgency is entirely on the other side. It's a buyer's market...and the seller is a desperate group of shitheads.

Did the SJBSOM get a good deal? Depends. The students should benefit from an expected exponential improvement in the Hospital, as well as having additional clinical resources. But is the School better off? What's going to replace the roughly $1.7 million revenue the SJBH gave the SJBSOM, an amount so significant that Brugal MenDacious made a point of including it in the Status Report appeal to "prove" that the School didn't receive 70% of its total revenue from student registration and fees, but only 50%...when the national average is 4%.

What exactly did the SJBSOM give up? What exactly are they hiding with this deal? And for those of you objective (or foolish) enough to ask "Why would they be hiding anything, Jenius?", let Me reply: read every Jenius post and comment made on this issue, as well as the Status Report and other documents. They hid the hospital's bankruptcy. They hid the loss of accreditation. They hid(e) the Status Report. They hid(e) their finances. The SJBullshitters have earned that nickname repeatedly. What makes anyone think they are changing stripes now?

So here's My call: Stiff Yocasta Brugal and her lying liars. (And that's funny because Brugal MenDacious is a forensic specialist, or as Jerry called them, a deadhead. Please feel free to chuckle at leisure.) Students, don't register until Brugal MenDacious and her lying liars are fired. Dumped. Tossed out like garbage. Their argument, and that of their feeble-minded apologists, that the School needs money now that it is on probation is facetious at best and fraudulent at worst. The School always needs money, but a well-run School earns it: no need for begging. And without a trustworthy administration, collecting student registrations and fees for a semester that could knowingly end in disaster is tantamount to theft on their part and outright foolishness on yours.

Put the pressure on Brugal MenDacious and her lying liars. Get her out of her fouled nest before she and her lying liars leave on her own terms, gained at your expense and that of equally-mistreated employees. Do it now...or watch as the whole lying house of cards collapses in the coming months.

As one of My commenters said, in closing: You have been warned.

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Anonymous said...

One little known fact is that the chairman of the Board Aracelis Roque hired her son to be the lead attorney for SJB....

Feds are looking into a comingling of funds problem...

Fraud, misrepresentation lawsuits being prepared, SJB has to be taken over in order to survive, the name should be changed and a new identity given by a reputable institution of higher learning.

Anonymous said...


is this tue.....

GCSchmidt said...

Apparently, yes. Brugal MenDacious even made a "mention" of "moving the School into a more technological future" in her verbal diarrhea of a spewing at the graduation. What this appears to be is a "move" to use technology to make up for the very real medical deficiencies the School has, but technology doesn't ENHANCE crap: it makes crap more visible. The big benefit is for the Oceania/American Samoa institute, who will gain a presence on U.S. soil and eventually shove the SJBSoM out the dor. That unless Brugal MenDacious and her lying liars get shoved into a latrine somewhere, where they can mingle with their own class.