26 November 2011

22,848,733 Reasons To Fire Yocasta Brugal & The SJBullshitters

In 2002, the San Juan Bautista Medical Center was awarded $5,986,306.

In 2003, the SJBMC received a $6,233,513 grant.

In 2006, the SJBMC received another grant, this one for $5,660,545.

In 2007, the SJBMC received a $4,968,329 grant.

It seems that the 2002 award was deemed a good start and the 2007 award was the crashing end. (Kind of like what happened with the accreditation thing.)

So what happened with that $22,848,733?

Let's close a circle around that question, shall We? For comparisons in funding, between 2000 and 2008, the SJBMC received exactly four federal fund awards, for the total of $22,848,733 over that span. Now granted (pun intended), this is not revenue with a lot of profit, but it does denote an institutional ability to get jobs done.

In that time span, tracking only the two other private medical schools in Puerto Rico, you will find the following awards:

Ponce School of Medicine -- $5,008,075.

Universidad Central del Caribe Medical School -- $6,092,289.

Universidad Central del Caribe -- $550,289 and $5,576,264.

Ponce School of Medicine -- $5,317,538.

Universidad Central del Caribe -- $237,740 and $332,844 and $7,765,360.

Ponce School of Medicine -- $7,672,536.

Universidad Central del Caribe: -- $208,935 and $251,951 and $7,584,175.

Ponce School of Medicine -- $7,417,070.

Universidad Central del Caribe -- $262,394 and $392,541 and $6,349,547.

Ponce School of Medicine -- $8,045,161.

Universidad Central del Caribe -- $358,970 and $6,972,037.

Ponce School of Medicine - $5,793,999.

Universidad Central del Caribe -- $5,994,906.

Ponce School of Medicine -- $7,088,814.

Ponce School of Medicine -- $5,220,078.

Universidad Central del Caribe -- $6,505,781.

2008 (only Quarters 1 & 2):
Ponce School of Medicine -- $497,469.

Over the same time span, the other two private medical schools in Puerto Rico had at least the following totals:

Ponce School of Medicine:  $41,735,127 (averaging $5,216,890 a year).

Universidad Central del Caribe:   $55,436,323 (averaging $6,092,297 a year).

So SJBullshitters: What happened to that money stream?

What happened with the federal fund stream that pumped $22,848,733 into the SJBMC over a 5-year period?

Why did the federal fund stream dry out around 2007, when the School received its accreditation? 

How is it that the School listed for the LCME Status Report (covering 2010 data) only $78,220 in federal funding for 2010? Yet it also declared a total revenue of $7,657,164, with $5,319,348 in expenses, leaving a gross profit of $2,337,816.

What happened to that profit, SJBullshitters?

While the other medical schools add $5.2 million and $6.1 million a year to their revenue stream, the SJBullshitters can only claim $78,220 for one year. No wonder the School gets 70% of its revenue from students: Brugal MenDacious and the SJBullshitters fucked up the SJBSOM's federal funding potential.

So how did they do it? Could it be that the SJBullshitters--as a commenter suggested--were caught commingling funds, robing Sam to pay Pedro, or Enrique or Marta or someone who shouldn't have been paid with federal funds? Or did they violate some other financial, legal and/or ethical standard? Again?

And another thing: how bad is the SJbullshitters' incompetence? Even when they were allowed to compete for federal funds, they were unable to match the other local private medical schools in leveraging the three huge advantages they share for federal funding:

1) A region with higher poverty levels than almost anywhere in the States.

2) Minority (Hispanic) status, with the concomitant sociocultural angles.

3) Unique (in the U.S. of part of A.) socio-economic demographics and health-care infrastructure.

[I'm not saying these are good things, only that they are relevant to every aspect of procuring federal funds.]

How much would $4 million a year, less than the other two schools average, help the SJB School of Medicine? How much would it have helped to avoid the precarious situation the School has been since 2007, culminating in the loss of accreditation? Why isn't that funding making a difference now? 

Because these questions are fundamentally relevant to firing the SJBullshitterss, We have to ask Brugal MenDacious and her lying liars, loudly, insistently and with ferocious intensity: What happened to take the reality and potential of federal funding away from the SJBSOM?

The Jenius Has Spoken. 

[Update: 28 Nov 2011: San Juan Bautista Hospital employees protest that their jobs are about to be terminated under the new deal with the Menonita Hospital group. At this time (5:44 PM), no SJBullshitter has responded to either employee requests for information nor provided a written response to a local TV news department (WAPA-TV), as they said they would. Lying liars need to be hit. Hard.] 


Anonymous said...

Why did YB and dean of administration fired the financial officer after more than 20 years of service? their excuse was reorganizing the dept. if they were reorganizing the financial dept he was the first one to be left in his position dont you think? it seems to me that he didnt want to keep on playing the bullshitters game or knew more than he should have and Out you go...with him out of the picture things would turn out to be easier for them financially speaking. the could obtain more benefits and keep on doing what they she's knows how to do well benefit from the students $$$. my dear YB that is federal money and you know how that goes when people get caught for fraud. I am not saying that YB and her puppets are doing that but the way I see things...not too good for students or personnel not getting paid on time. Why? they have the answers but always give a stupid excuse. by the way the son of the president (board of trustees) studied at SJB and had a lot of privileges that many students didnt have; just a commentary.

GCSchmidt said...

Is it Me or does it look like since 2007 that Brugal MenDacious has pruned the "old guard" and brought in her people? That might be a work style, but when the results are abominable--and there is no doubt that they are--then "work style" starts to look very suspicious.

Where are the people demanding answers? Where are the students and employees pounding at the doors of Brugal's lying liars to force them to set the record straight? Why is the Hospital and School so fucked up that they BOTH lose accreditation, BOTH skip wage payments and BOTH are underachieving to laughable degrees?

Seems to Me that if you're that pathetically incompetent, that visibly incapable of doing even an average job, then you should be hauled front-and-center and fired. The students and employees are the ones who have to make that happen. Otherwise, they'll lose more than money and the SJBullshitters will keep on raking it in.

Anonymous said...

Tragically, this scenario of secrecy, deceit, and fraud is what SJB has been all about for 30+ years. The SS San Juan Bautista is sinking fast, and the few lifeboats it carried were taken by Brugal and her croonies, get to them before they flee to the DR..

GCSchmidt said...

Are you saying or implying that Brugal MenDacious and her lying liars have already prepared their escape? Or that they have enough gained to make their escape? Or both?

I stated the same thought just after the loss of accreditation because I foresaw the house of cards collapsing. But to catch Bruga MenDacious and her lying liars and make them pay properly for their greed and incompetence, the cards must be pushed, blown away by a righteous effort. Anything less would, as you say, let them flee. Letting them escape is not an option.