12 November 2011

It's My Birthday!!

Yes. It's that magical tiME of the year (and those who know ME know I MEan "almost all the year") when the world celebrates My Birthday! The cakes have been baked, the candles have been warehoused in hangars (very funny, people) and the chili's hot enough to strip chroME from a new bumper. So We are ready!

What can I say about a year that saw ME get married and be happy? Well, for one thing, I can say: Thank You, Mrs. Jenius! I love you!

What can I say about a year that saw My Son excel in school (MEdals enough to start a museum) and on the basketball court (All Star selection and solid MVP candidate)? I can say: Well done! You're admirable in so many ways! I love you!

What can I say about a year that saw true friends step up and others lose the label "friends" as they pulled away in haste? To My Friends: you're all gifts from the Universe. To the others: I'm giving you back to the Universe. I expect refunds.

What can I say about a year that saw My Family struggle to deal with daily life and eMErge tempered? Family is the heart of a society, and as for My Family, its heart beats strong.

What can I say about a year where My Island sinks ever lower into a morass of violence and corruption? I can issue a warning: the reckoning is coming, jackals. It won't be pretty. For any of Us.

What can I say about life in general as I tack on another digit to My age? That it is tiME for a fundaMEntal change in My life. The groundwork has been laid for Me to move on to new challenges, to wholeheartedly pursue My ambition and push My talents to the utmost.

To My chagrin, I haven't challenged Myself seriously in almost four years. That's just wrong. What's the point of Life if not to tackle new challenges and explore new horizons. "Life is either a grand adventure or it is nothing." Helen Keller said that. And if she could pull that off, why can't I? Why can't We?

So here's to Me, to My Birthday and the chance to whoop it up with loved ones near and far. And here's to facing Life's challenges, from the personal to societal, with verve, will and integrity. It has been--overall--a great year for Me; I can foresee next year being even greater.

Hopefully greater for all of Us.

The Jenius Has Spoken.


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You are a brilliant mind that is awaiting it's discovery..

GCSchmidt said...

Thank you!