31 May 2012

DOCTOR Mrs. Jenius Now

Today, My Beloved added "M.D." to her name. So Mrs. Jenius is now Dr. Mrs. Jenius and she earned it every step of the way.

One aspect of many that I admire about Dr. Mrs. Jenius is that she knew from a very early age that she wanted to be a doctor, to help people get better. Her sense of purpose was evident early, and despite the hundreds of innocent and not-so-innocent remarks about her perceived chances, today is proof that she was right all along. For although it is true that Mrs. Jenius didn't have close relatives who were doctors, didn't study in some fancy private schools, wasn't rolling in moneyed circles and didn't have any sort of patronage, it is also true that she succeeded brilliantly in spite of--or actually because of--those "shortcomings."

Dr. Mrs. Jenius did it by focusing on the part of medicine she loves best: patients. Where most of her colleagues were focusing on books, tests, social amenities and future hubris, she was making a name of herself as a medical student who grokked the people she was treating. Whether it was a baby in distress, an elderly post-op patient or a drug-addled homeless person, Dr. Mrs. Jenius connected with them, finding a way to alleviate their pain and concerns. Her fellow students largely ignored this; her future colleagues couldn't and didn't.

Now Dr. Román Delgado steps forth on the career she envisioned as a child. I have no doubt it will be a glorious career, touching thousands of people from all walks of life. A true doctor's career, focused on service rather than self. Not the easiest path, but then again. Dr. Mrs. Jenius has never taken or had the easy path.

I love you, Mrs. Jenius. And I'm so very happy for you.

The Jenius Has Spoken.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Mrs. Jenius on her present and future success despite YB and her cronies. Now an exclusive:

YB and the 'sindickos" are contemplating a new "partnership" with a company that established owned and operates a medical school at the opposite end of this world.....

Details here: www.oceaniamed.org/


they are owned by a distance learning medical education company: E-med LLC based in Florida

First Antigua, now American Samoa????

Prometeo said...

It's good to know the news. Congratulations to Mrs. Jenius.

Adelante y éxito.

GCSchmidt said...

First of all, Prometeo: Thank You and I hear Congratulations are in order with your children, so Congratulations!

THat Brugal Mendacious and her lying liars are still """running""" this perverted show is an abomination, tip-toeing as they did around the whole issue of their incompetence during the graduation ceremony. That these bags of crap are considering an 'alliance" that basically undermines their very weak position is an example of their shit-for-brains mentality.

Who benefits most from this aliance, the Oceania/American Samoa pretender or the financial ruin with ACTUAL AMERICAN presence? So the SJBSoM is basically giving away a golden key while strangling itself for actual growth by going "digital" when their "medical" is practically worthless.

Sounds like an idiot's idea of survival to Me, but then again, idiots like Brugal are allowed to keep doing their monkeyshines and that's why the School is where it is.

The next big hit the SJBSoM takes will be its last, unless the MenDacious and her lying liars are thrown out like the garbage they have always been.