27 September 2012

Fallout From Il Castrato

Search for "Il Castrato" on this blog. Go ahead. That walking bag of anal pus has received several Jenius spotlights over the years simply because he is a thief, a liar and the moral equivalent of a cockroach in a bean salad.

Yes, I just put "anal pus" and "bean salad" in the same sentence. Blame Il Castrato.

What causes this repeated blaze of attention on a specimen ulcer snot would look down upon is that Il Castrato (formerly known as Jorge De Castro) has a storied past. "Storied" as in "sociopathic." Originally a minor member of the Popular Democratic Party (neither one nor the other nor the other), his aberrant behavior and outright stupidity got him tossed from the party rank-and-file.

Sociopath that it is, Il Castrato quickly made a leap to the New Progressive Party (neither one nor the other nor the other), where he quickly became a major figure.

Brief aside: Do some research, Brethren, to discover how many "lame-asses" were ostracized by the PDP and went on to become major players in the NPP. Here's  one name: Roberto Rexach. Go ahead: check that out. The note that no minor or major numbskull from the NPP has switched parties to the PDP and become a figure of any relevance or importance in that party. Seems like the statehooders embrace any walking breathing cur, even traitors. Then again, you have to admire their open-minded, equal-thieving opportunity gang mentality, don't you? (And another point: the fact that they switch parties indicates clearly how little value "Our status" has as a political bellwether.)

Back to Il Castrato, who after joining the NPP, started making waves, only his were essentially ripples in a cesspool. Politically, Il Castrato was to the left of sanity and far removed from common sense. As a party member, he was more a crazed rat than a focused weasel. In his personal life, he had the delicate touch of a hippo on LSD. And as a thief, he was as dumb as shit and several times more smelly.

Il Castrato got caught. Slammed. Nailed. Hammered like a leprous worm. His "defense" was to threaten to "name names," which he did. Often. Still keeps doing it. But what Il Castrato doesn't understand, and never will because his IQ and EQ multiplied don't make it to 2 digits, is that he's so fucked, it doesn't matter who he names...because his "testimony" means jacksquat as evidence.


That doesn't mean he can't point in the right direction.

Let Me drop another name Cuban-Americans supported, a proven douchebag with a shitty reputation who "named names" and over time, was proven to be accurate: José Canseco.

When Canseco, the poster boy for over-inflated egos masking a moral failure, made his accusations--after he was nailed for committing the same crimes he was accusing others of--the world yawned. Canseco's word was crap...but his observations weren't. He knew because he was an insider. And he railed at the world for not believing him.

Il Castrato's word is runny diarrhea...but his observations are not. He knows because he was insider. He didn't commit his crimes alone: he's too stupid and too greedy to have succeeded for long. No, he had help. He had associates, partners in crime, fellow vermin using their political connections to grease skids with fraud. And from the pathetic, crabbed, dark sumphole of his despair, Il Castrato rails at Us for not believing him.

Those that know...they hear him. They know. And if Il Castrato had the brains of a pebble, he would've written a book. Naming names. And then he could sit back, declare himself guilty, as he did yesterday, and accept his fate, knowing that Time--as it does so often--will tell.

No, Il Castrato's too stupid to have done that. Yet, Time does tell, and when it does, We'll find out that Il Castrato's words were worthless...but accurate.

Let the fallout begin.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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