28 July 2006

Being to Doing

If one desires a change, one must be that change before that change can take place.

The only way to deal with the future is to function efficiently in the NOW.

Experience is determined by yourself -- not the circumstances of your life.

Every time we say 'I must do something' it takes an incredible amount of energy. Far more than physically doing it.

The quotes above are from Gita Bellin, a former McKinsey advisor, educator, philosopher and aestheticis lecturer who leans toward New Age approaches to business and learning.

In a nutshell, these four Bellin quotes summarize what's happening--or not happening--in Puerto Rico. This won't take long:

---We are NOT the change We want to achieve. We expect OTHERS to be the change--to make the change for Us. No change will happen unless We make it happen, so We will continue to wait.

---We don't function effectively in the NOW because We can't focus on the NOW. We prefer to NOT focus. We'd rather listen to an idiot puppeteer who dresses in drag and talks about crap or to La Comay. (Those who live in and know Puerto Rico will get the joke. To the rest of you, I just cast aspersions on who knows whom and the candidates are legion.) Focus? Puh-lease. Focus takes energy, discipline, a willingness to USE OUR BRAIN for something other than instant gratification or gossip. Too hard. Forget focus. How about We play the lottery?

---The problem with NOT blaming circumstances for the crappy lives We lead is that it places the responsibility for that crappiness on Our shoulders. Well here's an (ancient) newsflash: It's always been Our responsibility. We make the world We live in. And though there are forces outside Our control, how We deal with what We CAN affect makes all the difference in the world. It's called attitude, and Ours sucks. So Our world sucks, too.

---We here talk and talk and talk and talk and talk about how bad things are. But if We invested all that talk-fuel into an engine of change, We'd be blasting out new speed records like rocket cars in the Mojave. Instead, We're contributing to global warming by releasing more methane. And I'm not just blaming the Fecal-Fillef Fools We elected: I'm blaming all of Us.

Except Me. Somebody has to stand outside and above the group and "give perspective." Somebody has to be "above the masses" and point the way. So I nominate Me.

And from this lofty vantage point, I see something funny: seems that everybody else here nominated themself and there's no one left to actually DO anything.

Back to Square One and BEING the change before MAKING the change.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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