03 July 2006


Okay, I admit it. I'm guilty. Guilty of allowing Myself to be sucked away from My original intent to have The Jenius discuss technology, knowledge management, education, entrepreneurship, progress and other such topics that prompted the launch of this blog.

I allowed The Jenius to be sucked into the fetid swamp known as "Aníbal's Asinine Administration," "Pedro's Pathetic Posing," "Loco Legislator Larceny," "Grotesque Government Gluttony" and "Mooing Moronic Media."

Mea culpa.

Back when The Jenius was launching His vision, I wrote columns for a section of PuertoRican.org, a now-defunct website. (I had nothing to do with its closing down, I assure you.) Over the course of 50 columns, I went from asking "Why?" to simply stepping away from the whole thing because I was tired--disgusted--at being so critical so often.

For those of you expecting Me to do the same now, keep hoping.

Unlike the first go-around, The Jenius this time has a solid base of positivism, a wide range of topics, themes and ideas that in some small way help to point Us towards progress. That the tone has moved from cheerleading optimism to venomous attack is simply a personal reaction to the situation We live every day. I'm sure My reaction is neither unique nor extreme: sad to say, this time The Jenius may be in a majority.

Will the tone ever return to rah-rah boosting? No. It would seem incongruent. Will the optimist Jenius reappear? Of course He will. I believe in Puerto Rico. But I simply have no reason or evidence to believe that those trying to run Our show have either the intelligence, the moral values, the dedication or vision to make Our potential come true.

That includes private industry as well, for they have fed off the public teat for so long that the thought of scaling up in talent, processes and capital to compete at the global level makes them sick. It unmans them. So they don't do it.

The solution lies in a massive wave of replacements in government, big business, business groups and media, a change led by those of Us for whom the world is here and now, not in some unnoticed fog somewhere. For those of Us for whom Puerto Rico is launch pad and not universe. For those of Us who feel that dealing with different cultures and different mindsets is adventure, not terror. For those of Us who know that any one of Us can make a difference--without waiting for permission.

We can make this happen. There's enough of Us to try now, to start replacing the fungi with brainpower, the cowardice with courage and the local for the global. We can do this. We have to. And where once The Jenius would have said "And We will," now what He says is: We shall see.

For The Jenius has made His choice and all He wonders, and needs, is: Have you?

The Jenius Has Spoken.


Ana Oquendo said...

I read you, and its as if I was reading myself. At the start my blog was supposedly gooing to be about subjects in a higher level: open source software philosophy, government agility through the use of the aforementioned software, technology, japanese porn... you know, stuff that belongs to evolved brains and highly complex neural pathways. And yet. What is my last post about? The utter filth that is José Aponte...

"I believe in Puerto Rico. But I simply have no reason or evidence to believe that those trying to run Our show have either the intelligence, the moral values, the dedication or vision to make Our potential come true."

In essence, I've come to believe the same thing. But unlike you I have no hope for a better future, I see no sign of it. And just like one day I made the very conscious decision to stop pining over my alcoholic father I think it's time for me to stop pining about my floundering patria (no word like that in english!). It might be just my wishful thinking, but you've got to know to choose when to fight or flee. I think you'll be with me when I say that having 50% of the population ready to re-elect Roselló or Santini paints a really clear picture of what the choice should be...

Anonymous said...

It's like I always say, 'kick a dead horse for too long and you start to smell like one.'

Yah gots ta haul that shit away and turn it into fertilizer *G*.

Now there's an idea, turn the legislature into a little green house, put little potted plants on their desks and watch them GROW GROW GROW.

Unknown said...

Mmmm. I frequent this blog because I find it optimistic, even when its overly critical. Same with the Information Soldier. Plus I have picked up some good ideas!
About leaving. I have a son, not yet two years old. His twin brother died thanks to arrogant/ignorant local health system(too long a story for now and the anniversary is tommorow so not in the mood to go into details). My son is the reason I may consider leaving. Goverment and its actions don't bother me much, its an obsolete "organization" designed to make things difficult for business and little else. What does bother is the breaking down of society. I didn't notice this until recently but we are really, as a people, going to hell. Recently, I have witnessed two fights between adults due to traffic or parking. I have seen people go out of church, get in their car and pretend to drive with one hand in the bocina! Its really sad you know. Raising a child in this environment worries me. Me and my wife are giving it a few more years but if things keep going the way they are we will probably get the hell out.
Another thing. Those Que Nos Pasa Puerto Rico ads? They are fu*&@ing our tourism industry! I work with a lot of foreigners and the first thing they ask is what the hell is worng with our society that we need those ads?

Unknown said...

A Bernie Goets type situation?

Two decades after Goetz incident, NYC is an fine place to live. Actually, NYC improved dramatically in a short amount of time. What will it take for us to do the same.

Am I evil for thinking Too bad Rosello was not in the car>