30 June 2006

Shoot Them Now

Now there's talk that maybe an 8% sales tax will be needed to "properly cover the government's needs." Uh-huh. Like the government really has "needs." And the unlegislating Fools are making noise about exempting themselves from the sales tax by being allowed to buy in military stores. Uh-huh. You want fries with that?

One minute while I leap off a seven-story building, land on My head and thus have the proper mental acumen with which to explain to The Fools how this works...

Threw Myself twice. I felt too smart for The Fools after the first leap. (I still do, but the neighbors are freaking out...)

Let's take this insipid phrase "government needs." I'll even walk The Fools through it, so bear with Me:

---We live in a democracy.
---In a democracy, the government serves The People.
---The People determine what the government can do.
---The government can ONLY do what The People allow.
---The People have NEEDS which they ask the government to serve.
---The government has DUTIES to fulfill those needs.
---The government CANNOT have needs because it exists to serve, NOT to be served.
---When a democracy places The People's needs in second place to anything else, it is a craven violation of trust, lawful authority and dutiful responsibility.*
---Because you don't get this, you should all be executed like blood-swollen ticks.

[*See also: lying and the Iraqi War, the murderous moron, Homeland Insecurity, wiretapping, suspension of habeus corpus, e-mail snooping, bank transaction records scrutinized...]

As for exempting yourselves by buying your knick-knacks in military stores, this one's even easier:

---Military stores belong to the Federal goverment.
---You Fools have no authority over the Federal government.
---Because you don't get this, you should all be executed like blood-swollen ticks.

Yeah, The Jenius is stepping it up a notch here. Waiting until 2008 is to give these fecal-filled fat-assed facetious freaks another 28 months to plunder, pillage, purloin, putrefy and otherwise pluck Us to Hell.

Shoot. Them. Now. Or rather, according to this post, stomp them until they are nothing but a greasy spot on Our shoes.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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