16 June 2006

God And Sewage--Part II

A local union leader and his criminal cohorts take over $15 million from the union's medical plan. They get caught, charged and are found guilty...and yet, in the courtroom, someone, someone so fucking stupid and so fucking devoid of any shred of human dignity, decency and morals, cries out as the accusers are being sentenced ¡Maldita sea! ¡Maldita sea! (Damn it! Damn it!)

To whoever said that: fuck you. I hope your body parts rot into liquid putrefaction and that until the final nanosecond of your worthless life you suffer ungodly pain and agony. And that you reincarnate as a sewage pipe so you can take a step up to a higher plane (or cylinder, as it is.)

The pieces of filth you try to defend stole money earned legitimately by hard-working people who often live at the edge of subsistence. While the fatcats-now-convicts gorged themselves buying mansions, taking long trips to distant resorts and continued gaming the union rules to stay on top by plundering its finances, many of their victims were watching their health deteriorate, or worse, lived the agonizing despair of watching their child suffer because medical treatment was--suddenly and unfairly--out of their reach.

But The Jenius awaits to see what the result of this smashing sentence will be for one archbishop of San Juan, a man of tattered and sullied cloth. Read about it here, for I have no more time to waste on moronic maggots, except to say that back then, I barely avoided calling the union president a shitty crook. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Hector René Lugo is a shitty crook.

I fervently hope he was the one who said ¡Maldita sea! ¡Maldita sea!

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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