28 June 2006

Sweden and Prostate

SWEDEN: For a few decades now, Sweden has been touted as the "perfect" """"socialist democracy"""". (Note the additional quotation marks that imply a deep-seated sarcasm.) Even independista Fool, Party-President-for-life, I-peaked-in-1974, Rubén Berríos has been spouting about Sweden for no apparent reason, simply because:

--(A) He says "We can implement a Swedish socialist democracy" and has never come up with anything resembling a cogent plan to do so because:

--(B) A """"socialist democracy"""" is an oxymoron along the lines of "honest politician", "favorable cancer" and "president bush has a brain."

Forget the independista Fool: most of us have already. Let's focus on the here and now, which according to this article in The National Interest, isn't really good for Sweden.

What's happened?

---The Swedish government has ballooned in size.

---The Swedish government has become ineffective, therefore it is also inefficient.

---The Swedish government is thus rife with corruption. (Too big and ineffectiveness are clear precursors to government corruption.)

---Taxes are getting higher.

---Health and public services are declining rapidly.

---The government-fed economy sucks and has been in a lengthy decline.

---The people are outraged and tired of it all.

Okay, here's the conclusion: Sweden and Puerto Rico are now identical twins.

Rubén, I hope you're happy. You got what you wanted without having to demean yourself by winning an election and actually doing something useful.

And to the idiotic economist who proclaimed that these Nordic societal models were "more evolved," screw you and the horse you sleep with. You're so far into your inferiority complex you couldn't find your butt with a map, a flashlight and two other economists to share the mental effort.

PROSTATE: The Jenius thinks it's about time someone mentioned how much of a (ventriloquist's) dummy the local house speaker, José "Put Words In My Mouth" Aponte, really is. A shapeless puppet of Dr. Pedro "Corruption is My Middle Name" Rosselló, Joe Slow has the "reamed deer in headlights" look of a beast being hounded into certain agony. Let Me save time and put it this way: Joey is the first man to ever have his prostate palped by his doctor's armpit.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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