23 June 2006

My "To Do" List

---Thank James O'Malley, El Gringoqueño, for giving me a 1 gigabyte pen drive where I can "keep My whole Life." Thanks, Jim. -----OK!

---Pass on Jim's generosity in kind. And link to his blog!-----

---Mention Aníbal Freytes' wickedly appropriate bitch-slap to the rabid dog ex-governor, faux senator and overall piece of offal Pedro "Schizoid is My Middle Name" Rosselló. -----OK!

---Remind Yourself that you said You'd run The World's Best 10K next year. -----OK!

---Try to ignore Your body's protests as You try to get into shape for that run. -----

---Mention in passing that in a Google search for "gil puerto rico", You were the 19th result!! NINETEENTH!?!?!? Excoriate Google for being a kludgy piece of bassackwards malgorithms. -----OK!

---Trademark "malgorithms." -----

---Make a remark about governor Acevedo's $3,000 suits paid for--allegedly coughcough winkwink--with Our public monies and illegal contributions.

Why does a jellyfish need $3,000 suits? It's still a jellyfish! -----OK!

---Point out that You and 93.6% of all the wild monkeys between Cabo Rojo and Cataño have peed sounder economic notions than the Center (haha) for the New (hahahahaha) Economy (hahahahahahahaha.) -----OK! (hahahahahahahaha)

---Lighten up The Jenius: He's been sounding sour lately.

Center for the Nehahahahahahahahahaha. -----OK!

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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