26 June 2006

Much Ado By Fools

When push came to shove, The Fools in the senate (forget capital letters here, folks, The Fools don't deserve that much respect) approved a budget and sales tax package that is literally--I mean literally--99% of what was proposed back in March.

In March. Before the local bonds got dropped to junk status. (A similar status to commonwealth, but I digress...)

Back before the local government closed down for a fortnight.

Back before The Economist mistook tubercular cyanosis for Truth and simply reflected what Americans generally think about Us.

Back before the entire flim-flam, fraudulent, freak show We call "the national sport" sunk to a level so low that even some The Fools feel apologetic about receiving cost-of-living adjustments. Yeah, you heard right: The "legislating" Fools who fornicate Us get raises...automatically.

Should I point out that no other local government employee gets an automatic raise? That even in the midst of the most pathetic and repulsive excuse for demagoguery ever perpetrated in Our history, these ambulatory road apples We elected stand to make more money next year?

Independentista Fool Victor García San Inocencio claims he "deserves" what he gets paid because of his "22 years' of experience" in the pigpen--er, legislature. What a dumbass. A parasite is not more valuable to its host because it has spent more time sucking the life out of it. And anyway, Vicky-boy, you frequently parade your dislike of the U.S., but you love dem Uncle Sam greenbacks! Here's a word you might want to learn: hypocrisy.

In the end, the sales tax is exactly what was suggested, the budget will need upward adjustment to almost the $9.7 billion the jellyfish faux-governor requested ($9.48 billion was approved pending additional line items) and compared to the beginning and end points, the wreckage strewn all around Us makes for a nauseating comparison.

Much ado...and We got nothing new. Woo-hoo!

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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