14 July 2006

(Un)Scientific Method

My Checklist prompted a response from The Information Soldier. Here it is:

"Oh! How abrasive. But thanks for setting the shot so I can make a goal...

Let's review the Education Department (how's that for an oxymoron?) announcement of renewed Focus On Science! (fanfares!)

I'll tell you exactly what's going down:

One. Lower achievement every year by public students in the science and math sections of general tests (the so called APRENDA tests, or whatever).

Two. Some rapacious consultants manufactured some half-baked (and half-assed most likely) study resources. For which, they will be handsomely paid!

Three. Caveat emptor. The number of ''study resources'' bought is enough for one school district... if that.

Four. Teachers will be asked (read: required) to make a new emphasis on science and math even if they the same old study materials... if that!

Five: Teachers will be obligated to record, keep and report more statistics. Hence turning teachers into mere paper pushers.

Six: The 50% (out of 90 thousand or so) administrative employees (I think the right term to describe that is ''batatal'') will cry out at the sight of even more paper to push and demand: a) higher wages, b) more employees, or, c)both.

End Result?

Consultants > +money
Government > -money
Teachers > +''work''
Paper-pushers > +raison d'etre
Students > Come again?
You and Me > The Shaft"

Well-said, Soldier. Let Me add that Our average math and science teacher is a good junior-high school student and that asking them to enact stricter standards is like asking The Fools to enforce stricter ethics.

I'm off to read a science book (The Blank Slate, by Steven Pinker.) And no, a teacher didn't teach Me how to read: My parents did. So there.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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