11 December 2009

Il Emasculato

Jorge "Il Castrato" De Castro is awaiting sentencing for pleading guilty on federal charges. 


Now Il Castrato has been slapped with 182 state charges of fraud and bribery and other such weasel-brained activities, charges that could add up to 800 years to his federal sentence.

Hook in the crook.

I said loooong ago that the case against Il Castrato was not stopping there, that the mountain of evidence against the leprous-brained two-party political rat was also aimed at other targets. Some legal experts told Me I was wrong...and then current Secretary of State Kenneth "What? Me Worry?" McClintock (people, it's McClintoCK, not McClintoN; get it right) was named as the target of a--get this!--federal investigation.


Also named in the federal and state investigations are senator Héctor "My Favorite Drug Dealer is Dead" Martínez and a former legislator Carlos "I Sang Once, I'll Sing Twice!" Díaz.

Woo-hoo. This here's a party!

What can you do to a Castrato to make him give you more? You offer to make him an Emasculato, taking what little he has left, for let's face it, the only thing Castratos do is sing.

Now Il Castrato says he won't sing, but he's facing about a decade in federal country farm prison whereas with the 182 state charges, he faces at least the same amount of time in local prison, where the chances of him preserving anything of his former life, health and well-being are between zero and nil.

Castratos sing. They may not want to, they may hate it when they do, but they...will...sing.

And once their voices are no longer pleasing, they are simply Emasculatos, deprived of worth and maybe--if they ever had it--self-worth.

Il Castrato will sing. All We have left is to see who gets nailed in his swan song.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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