01 December 2009

Right About the (Fascist) Right

Ever so often I'd drift away from My topic framework of Puerto Rico and look north, to a land I grew up in and could see was being lock-stepped into fascism. I called the thieving two-term puppet in the Oval Office the murderous moron a few dozen times and thus fell far short of coming close to insulting it. I even launched Jenius Jots to display items that reinforced the goose-stepping idiocy the U.S. of part of A. was undergoing. And I started doing this in 2004.

Now confirmation about the fascist nature of a party that once called Abraham Lincoln its own comes from an unlikely source...and proves My point and that of so many other observers of the overbearing fear-mongering, racist, jingoistic hate screed of fascism masquerading as "patriotism": ultraconservative, rightist blog Little Green Footballs has publically parted ways with "the right."

What is the first--the very first--reason Little Green Footballs gives for separating itself from the madness? Support for fascists.

And note the rest of the list, a nauseating catalogue of hatred, stupidity and fear that has become insidiously and ruinously entrenched in the U.S. sociopolitical climate.  

I was right, I always have been right and I will continue to be right about the atrociously-misnamed "right." Calling them morons is an insult to morons. They have the Christian attitude of hydrophobic hyenas feeding on babies. And until the rest of the country wakes up and quashes their influence like crushing loathsome vermin into dust, the country We could once call the leader of the free world will continue to be nothing more than a mockable frothing rabid puppet of id.

And to use another metaphor, how many other "canaries" must "die" before We do something about being in the crappy coal mine?


The Jenius Has Spoken.

Update: 3 December 2009: Here's the single act that would do the most to yank the country off the fascist track and keep it off for the foreseeable future: The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder.

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