30 November 2009

Turd In The Cesspool

Just a couple of weeks or so after firing a drug dealer, Our malformed excuse for a Secretary of Education, one Carlos "Buffalo Butt(ed) Brain" Chardón, was also fired.

Now B.B. Brain claims he resigned, pointing to his designation as a member of the brand squeaky spanking new Education Consulting Board as his "transfer."

And what, pray tell, will B.B. Brain ever do on this razor's edge of educational progress come to light as a Board? Co-direct it with secretary of state (no, no capital letters here, folks) Kenneth "My Butt's In An F.B.I. Sling" McClintock.

Here. We. Go. Again. Two Fools in a pod.

Why don't We, right now, change Our motto about education from "It's the key to Our future" to "Fuck the future, We're insane"? At this stage of the game, with education levels plummeting like lead weights in Evian, with the funding process addicted to Federal monies like a crack skank--and equally capable of managing them--(and no, I am not referring to the drug dealer who managed the Federal Affairs Office and got his ass fired...nothing personal, you know...) and by fraud's extension the pathetic menagerie of crap-craniumed crooks elected to screw Us over keep making a mockery of their stupid stupid hallucination concerning statehood, now We come up with some cockamamie "Education Consulting Board"...and put a proven failure and a criminal suspect in charge of the fucking thing?

This is the result of either the infected seepage of a retarded brain or an open-handed bitch slap to anyone who gives a damn about this Island and its people.

I repeat: This is the result of either the infected seepage of a retarded brain or an open-handed bitch slap to anyone who gives a damn about this Island and its people.

Why does this frost My perineum so badly? Because this is not a step in any direction, it's a craven bailout. A throwing up of the hands, if not a throwing up in Our faces. Because it has NO relevance to even coming close to solving the broad and deep problems in Our educational system. This is a political "solution," "political" in the sense of "Let's just pretend to be doing something." 

Proof? If this so-called "Education Consulting Board" were truly aimed at making the educational changes so badly needed--educational, goddammit--then why in the bowels of the lowest levels of hell would you put a two-time education failure political tumor and a federally-suspect political handicap in charge of the cursed thing?

You mean to tell Me there weren't ANY other potential candidates to run this abortion? That in all of Puerto Rico there isn't at least ONE other person who could serve as the director of this mutant political turd? Or is that exactly why no one competent was found to serve, because this is nothing more than a mutant political turd, with B.B.Brain and "F.B.I. Boy" serving as aromatic enhancers?

Whoever comes into the Education Department now--and it seems the choice is Carlos Andujar, current Dean of the University of Puerto Rico campus in Arecibo--will not only have to deal with the hugest of cesspools, he or she will now have to deal with the "Board" as well.

What a crock of shit.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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