05 November 2009

¿PPPor Qué?

I am loaded with topics for the next couple of weeks, but let Me take on a "newsy" item: the Economic and Fiscal Restructuring Board (JREF, in Spanish) paralyzed the firing of some 11,700 workers, due to become effective November 6th.

Do tell.

In the words of SecState Kenneth "You Know the F.B.I. is On My Case?" McClintock, "(T)he laid-off employees should not view the move by JREF as a setback for the administration, but as extra time for them to 'reorganize their finances for their transition to the private sector.' 

'This should not be a free-for-all for them. This is like a doctor telling a cancer patient he has a year to live instead of three months,' he said in a radio interview Wednesday evening."

Sheesh. And some people call Me insensitive... All I ever said was that I don't care about the jobs lost because it was like amputating a gangrenous limb: amputate  or die. 

Now let Me get this straight: the jobs are rightfully being eliminated because there is no money to keep paying for uselessness, but then they can't be fired on schedule because the ones to be fired need "time to reorganize their finances"? 

Okay, so what you're saying is: We'll keep paying you...until after Christmas.

In the words of the Church Lady: Now isn't that special?

So, let Me see again: The Larva (non)governor Luis Fortuño fires the employees and his hand-picked JREF squad (Secretaries of Treasury, Labor and Economic Development and Directors of the Office of Management and Budget and Economic Development Bank) say "Uh-uh."

Really? They stop him? For what purpose?

Ah, the plot thickens. While everyone else is screeching and howling bloody murder about irrelevancies, the basic question, the key question, is "Why?"

Why are these jobs being saved for two months?

If this were prior to an election year, the answer would be painfully obvious: to court votes. But, 2010 is not a local election year. Nope, that's not it. Let's try again.

Some 11,700 jobs deemed unnecessary are prolonged--at Our freaking expense. The little progress The Larva had made in terms of "imposing" his agenda is thwarted. The barest step forward on the path to possibly rescuing Our government's future--Our future--is turned back. These are not positives, people; there is no upside in these angles.

So where is the benefit? The only possible gain for the executive branch--er, twig--is thus political expediency: they benefit from this self-imposed "setback" because it gives them some extra political clout.

Go ahead, tell Me I'm wrong. Now tell Me specifically why I'm wrong. Tell Me where the benefit is, because there is no way--no freaking way--this suspension of firings was done without forethought, or what passes for forethought in the peabrains of Fools.

It's a fact that The Larva and the legislature are at loggerheads. The moment The Larva said "I'm firing government employees" those Fools said "How DARE you?" and set themselves up as the "good guys" to the milquetoast "bad" guy. Thomas "Tantrum" Rivera and Jenniffer "Gluttonny" González made grunting noises about "evaluating the measure" and "keeping government jobs safe," reinforcing the concept of "Me good, him bad" they'd set up with their erstwhile party president.

And now this, an action taken by The Larva's own people that cannot do anything else than undermine his own rickety position and further weaken his mangled reputation, not to mention make almost impossible any further job reductions in 2010. And Gluttonny is already on record as saying that "The firings will continue." Oh, now that's a change.


I don't know. But here's a thought: Watch closely what emerges from the legislature and The Larva's twig in the coming weeks. Where do their interests coincide the most? Where is the mutual gain potentially enormous? Where do both sides need to scratch each other's backs to make a killing?

Public-Private Partnerships.

And who moved from the Economic Development Bank to the JREF and then to La Fortaleza recently? The current Larva Chief of Staph, Marcos "Mouth Fart" Rodríguez, he of the fascist bent and foolish beat. 

Think the PPP potential isn't firmly in his mind? In the minds of the Fools?

Think again.

The Jenius Has Spoken.


Kelvin said...

I like the way you think, Jenius!

GCSchmidt said...

Thank you. So do I.