09 November 2009

The Larva = The Legend

(Non)governor Luis "The Larva" Fortuño is the only other of Puerto Rico's governors who directly compares to Our legendary first-elected governor Luis Muñoz Marín.

That statement offends statehooders, who hate the idea of a jíbaro with a better understanding of "their" U.S. of part of A. than they have ever had.

That statement offends commonwealthers, who hate the idea of anyone comparing to El Vate, though his concepts and plans have been proven sterile and the end results a proven dead-end.

That statement offends independentistas, who hate th-- Aw, who cares what those four people think?

Now before We get off on the wrong tangent, there's only one specific way a neophyte wannabe (non)governor with barely 10 months of residence in La Fortaleza can compare to a four-term,  hugely popular (pun intended), internationally-renowned society-changer. And that is:

Neither man had to worry about getting re-elected.

In the case of LMM, it was because he had no real challengers. In the case of LTLF, it's because he has no chance.

Now I wrote about this with former (un)governor Aníbal "The Jellyfish" Acevedo before he was charged (and subsequently cleared) of electoral fund fraud, stating that he should use this "freedom" from trying to cling to power to make some serious changes in Our Society.

Now imagine what would have happened if he had tried that instead of playing politics-as-usual. Take the government jobs issue, for example. The Jellyfish could have pushed the idea forward--because it is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the RIGHT thing to do--and let the statehooders bleat and bray to their jackasses' content...only to have to turn around and actually propose doing it anyway.

End result: a step in the right direction and a political coup for a dying party. 

Then again, maybe it was best for The Jellyfish to just sink slowly into oblivion.

Back to LMM and The Larva. By casting aside all considerations for electoral success, in essence focusing on the job of doing what's best for the nation rather than what's most expedient for a political career allows a leader to make deeply significant changes. In the case of LMM, he did, to a historical degree still discussed. In the case of The Larva, well, We're dissing him daily.

The Larva has approval ratings that match median college ages for undergraduates and they are not even close to bottoming out. His own party despises him, his hand-picked "advisors" redefine loose cannon as "big mouths with rusty iron for brains" and he's chosen "isolation" as his preferred form of dealing with the public, akin to a priest consorting with whores in terms of raising his image in Our eyes.

So why not go for true leadership rather than polls? Why not stand up and educate Us on what's really going on, what the government really is and what this all means to each of Us? Why not take a stand against the entrenched imbecility and lead a charge against it? 

True, LMM had a poor country desperate for change, eager investors greedy for profits and an eventually-friendly Congress to further support his vision and intelligence. The Larva has only shown glimpses of intelligence and maybe--maybe--We are desperate for change. But that's two partial scores in a realm of potential progress versus huge zeros in the political arena he wallows in now. There's no doubt he'd be better off with a small percentage of something instead of zero percent of a whole lotta nothing.

And what would We gain from it? A champion in the government highly-placed enough to make Us fully aware of how Our government treats Us like servants, how they mismanage Our present and future and how they--Our elected Fools--must be reduced and eliminated before they finish Us.

Will We like it? Maybe. Will the Fools? Hell no. But unless someone like The Larva makes the effort, We will continue with petty political pettifoggery covering up the massive destruction of Our future.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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