17 November 2009

Power Plays

The comments that prompted Me to go daily rather than three times a week--I'm referring to Jenius posts--made Me realize something: The oligarchy that runs Our country into the ground has gotten smaller, but the overall pool of potential "oligarchists" has gotten larger.

Let Me explain. My friend's rant about how "Those people have gained control" was tinged with more than just a soupçon of "And they left me out!"  However, over the past decade, the number of participants with the oligarchy has increased. Proof? Look at the number of scandals involving corruption. There's a wider cast of (lack of) characters ranging from business people to clerical staff and the possibility of joining into the power-junkie fray is thus demonstrably wider.

This pattern of a "smaller oligarchy, but larger candidate pool" is not new. It dates, in fact, to about World War I and proved to be extremely effective at running a country...into the ground. Although that took some 60+ years and with Our talent base, We could beat that record by 20-30 years easily.

Who created this form of government control? Vladimir Lenin, placing the Communist Party as the "pool" and what eventually became the Politburo as the "inner circle," the true oligarchy. The "pool" was much larger than the old aristocracy, but the "inner circle" was actually smaller than the size of the Romanov-nobles groups and their direct supporters, so although more people had "access" to power, the resulting level of oligarchic control was actually higher. Since getting into the "inner circle" was theoretically possible, but under the control of the oligarchy, people worked harder at pleasing the oligarchy and staying away from its bad side in order to become Communist Party members and maybe rise to Politburo power.

Now don't go half-cocked and say I'm equating the current oligarchy in power with the flatulent failure of the Communist Party. They aren't that smart. What I am saying is that the pattern is the same: smaller "power" group, but partnered with a "certain doors open" policy that leaves My friend definitely on the outs, but allows others--selected others--in.

We could call it the Fajardo Syndrome in honor of former secretary of education Victor "Jailbird" Fajardo, a lameass would-be teacher who was appointed by Pedro Stupid Rosselló to run the biggest department in Our government based on one criteria and one criteria alone: Jailbird's ability to raise money for the statehood party.

(Objections, statehooders? I'm surprised. I thought you'd be waaaay past non-righteous indignation and be fully into rigid denial by now.)

But that's a bad example because the oligarchy used a mental and moral defective to benefit from his money-grubbing skills and when he went illegal on their butts, they dumped him. (Yes, the phrasing, nuances and analogy are all appropriate for the topic and subject. Let's just agree I'm right and move on.)

Who "proved" that the Leninist system worked? A cobbler's son, country-bred, who moved boldly into a position of notice, then quickly rose through the ranks of power with unadulterated ambition and when Lenin died, seized the opportunity to run the country. Into the ground.

His (changed) name: Joseph Stalin.

Whenever the Communist Party wanted to "prove" it was "open" (and Stalin was the Communist Party), he/they pointed to the story of "a peasant overcoming poverty to serve the nation." Skip the romantic angle of the story and you'll see the subtext: "anyone" can belong, "anyone" can gain power, but only if "anyone" does what the oligarchy chooses to support.

Now where's the tie-in here, on Our Island? Who's the person who will "prove" that a outsider can make it to "the inner circle"? Who was selected, annointed if you will, to take the first steps on the road to oligarchy? Who took that notice and parlayed it--with open ambition--into a seat well within the realm of inner power? Who is waiting for the opportunity to reach for and seize the pedestal of ultimate power?

None other than current (out)house of representatives president Jenniffer "Gluttonny" González.

--Selected in 2002 to replace Edison "Child Rapist and Crook" Misla, a former outhouse president himself with Rohypnol on the brain.

--Immediately placed--note the emphasis--on the key House Treasury Committee.

--Elected in 2004 as an At-Large (I...will...not...say...it...) Representative, meaning her party base was wide enough (no...don't...say...anything...) to develop broad (oh...god...no...) appeal, a task that took less than two years. For a rookie politician.

--Held or holds various key party positions, a clear strategy of creating and cementing a power base, in essence, moving from the outside to the deepest inside, culminating in becoming the youngest (out)house of representatives president in Our history.

--Open and early supporter of Luis "The Larva" Fortuño, current (non)governor, but someone I predicted she would dump as quickly as feasible in order to satisfy her own ambition. And she already has.

Now there are only two ways this woman compares to Stalin, who was a vicious thug and mass murderer of historic proportions: she's openly ambitious (with a careful facade) and she's seeking her goal in a similar power structure framework.

Let's see how fast she becomes the "poster child" for the "anyone can belong, anyone can do it" Big Lie campaign.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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