23 April 2010

Carbonell Hell = P.(u)R.(e) Theft

Just do a Google search for "Carbonell Hell." On this blog. And then prepare for another level of that particular kind of hell.

I was walking from My house to a local supermarket, cutting through town because the drainage canal is too deep and steep to use (though it is a shorter route.) Along the way, on My town's main street, I saw the rutted tracks and deep holes that could only mean that once again--for the fifth time--that particular piece of the street had been dug up.

When My Son was 3, almost seven years ago, this street was already undergoing renovations, albeit at another section, just outside of the "downtown" area. But this particular piece of roadway, the recently-poured concrete now cracked and jagged and jumbled, has been "in renovation" since 2006. For four years, Carbonell Street has been a visible, public disgrace, a shithole of buckled pavement, dust and dirt, holes, blocked streets, horrible traffic jams and broken businesses. The section I was standing over had been paved over in November, the sidewalk edges bricked and the street lamps that caused the fourth shredding standing quietly, dark, but picturesque.

Now there was another hole, another pile of rubble, surrounded by a small squad of sweaty guys with cracked hard hats, pot bellies and masked faces, evincing the activity level of turds on a frying pan, staring at what I was staring. I was pissed. They were...there.

"Why?" I asked. Just that: Why.

They smiled. "For the cables. You know, for the street lamps and other stuff."

"Now?!" I almost snarled. Now?!

They laughed. "It had to be done someday," one of them said and the rest just stood there, nodding or nodding off.

Let Me be blunt: This is theft. Pure and complicated, it is outright theft. This town is being ripped off in barefaced fashion. Out there, on Our streets, Our money is going into to the pockets of the people that hire the smiling/laughing/nodding drones that muck up the roads day after day after day after motherfucking day.

There is no way--no way in goddamn hell--that a street renovation project covering less than 3 miles should take several years and need sections redug 3, 4 and even 5 times...and counting.  We haven't had a natural disaster. We haven't had a war. We haven't had a terrorist attack. What We've had is a Mayor--Perza "Look Away!" Rodríguez, who probably dropped to her knees in joy when the previous mayor kicked the bucket, and a Municipal Assembly more akin to hopped-up baboons in a china closet than a democratically-elected body. That's what We have: a cabal of fucking thieves. 

Of course they know what's going on. Of course they know the damage it has done, is doing and will do to the town in lost businesses and sunken property values. They don't give a baboon's ass for anything except their own. They are in on the theft. They have to be. Because no one puts up with a job done this poorly without raising red flags and righteous bitching. And guess how many times the Mayor best-not-looked-at and the baboons have complained about "the shoddy work being performed on the town's streets"?

Uh-huh: As many as you.

Now here's the kicker: every one of Our towns, every fucking one, has at least one example of Carbonell Hell.

Woo. And hoo.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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Davsot said...

Dorado's main street went through this. It took two years. Far too long, but at least the job was done.