19 April 2010

Cellular Li(f)e

From The Economist Online, a website so valuable it should have an ATM in the site map: Puerto Ricans use more cell phone minutes on average than any other country.

And it ain't even close.

Ranked #1 in monthly cell phone use are We, with an average of 1,866 minutes. Second place goes to the U.S. of part of A. with 835 minutes. The rest of the list don't matter, but I find it odd that Japan isn't in the Top 5...

Some conclusions:

--The Economist calls Us "chatty." Let's face it: We just don't know how to shut up. And "free minutes" makes shutting up harder.

--Could We take this as evidence that We can't stand to be by Ourselves, malcontent in Our solitude, outer-directed and insecure to the point of calling someone just to not be alone? I'll say "Yes."

--Why aren't We THE social laboratory for cutting-edge cell phone apps and units? Because We don't care about the rest of the world, so Our opinions don't rate high enough to be worth the investment. (That's My take; you probably have yours. I might even see some validity in it.) 

--Couldn't The Economist find a picture of ANY OTHER Puerto Rican than the one they ran? The shirtless, boxers-peeking young man might be a very nice person, but is that specific picture of him the only fucking choice the editors had for this piece? Really? Like there are NO OTHER fucking pictures of Puerto Ricans wearing suits, semi-formal wear or even stinking bathing suits on Our filthy beaches to choose from other than showing a shirtless guy on a broken sidewalk? Really? Really?

I can think of only one reason why The Economist chose to run that picture (I can think of several, but if I eliminate racism, abject stupidity and a high asshole factor, I'm left with one): To show contrast. The shirtless guy with high-riding underwear is the "freak show" factor underlying the "Would you believe those people are cell phone consumers of the first order?!"

Okay, I was wrong: I included racism, abject stupidity and a high asshole factor in My reason...because The Economist did and I merely called them on it.

The Jenius Has Spoken.



Beato said...

Gil, did you notice the guy is not even Puerto Rican? This picture is in the middle of Santurce.
This selective predjudice is typical of stateside publications and puertoricans aren't the only minority with published stereotypes. Vogue has been criticized for taking common persons in India slums and dressing them in expensive clothing. Similar issues with Photoshop abuse of human anatomy are abundant. Where is the Department of State or Tourism? Not even a complaint... They are probably more interested checking why there isn't a Golden Corral besides the Capitol Building...

GCSchmidt said...

Beato, I hesitate to say the young man is not Puerto Rican, even if he is standing in Santurce. I understand people will have stereotypes, but I expect a lot more from The Economist than this bit of craptastic journalism.

Davsot said...

Sucks I don't have a subscription to the Economist.

Would've liked to see the pic.