07 April 2010

The Search For Our Gold

This won't take long...

I wish I could say that things in Puerto Rico are getting noticeably better, or that I could find some hidden gold nugget in the scattered dunghills of Our economy and government to bring to light with a shouted "Eureka!"

Yes, I occasionally say "Eureka!"

I wish I could. Maybe I haven't looked hard enough, or having looked long hard and for a long time, I've lost My focus. Maybe I can't see the trees for the garbage.

Or maybe I'm not really looking, that I'm fooling Myself with the vain notion that 'Yes, I AM looking, by Jove!" Maybe I've reached the point where just pretending to look feeds My ego so that no matter the lack of results, I can console Myself with an "I tried...I really tried."

Or maybe I'm looking in the wrong places. Maybe the gold is somewhere else, like in the arts and social trends. Could be. But even so, I'm looking for what I call gold: I know what it is I'm looking for. I might want to look for rubies some other day, but for now, the search is for gold.

Or maybe it isn't gold that's valuable anymore. Maybe the new standard is platinum, and I'm looking for something of golden hue and tossing away that silver-gray stuff as dreck. But then, wouldn't I eventually catch on to the change? Or assuming I'm just a Jenius and that maybe I can't see the change, then why isn't anyone else redefining what's valuable? Is there someone on My island doing that and I don't know about it, don't see or hear about it?

What if the gold that's there is out of My reach, beyond what My efforts and abilities can find? Should I increase My efforts, with the notion that there is gold somewhere? Or should  change My "mental tools" to get a better picture of what is or is not there? 

Or maybe there really is no gold. Maybe the gold is gone. But that means I take My search literally as a search for a found object, rather than what it is: a metaphor of hope. Concluding that there is no gold is akin to saying that there is no hope.

So there is gold. Somewhere on My island.

The question remains: Will I find it? And if so, when?

The Jenius Has Spoken.

1 comment:

Davsot said...

You will find it in ME! When I build a train system. :D