09 April 2010

Defining Pendejo

It was a crappy Friday. My Mac, powerful servant for nearly three years, suffered a major crash and became a very heavy albeit still good-looking paperweight. Thanks to a person whose name I won't James O'Malley, I have a full back-up of everything up to the moment a hard drive crashed.

Thank you, James.

Didn't get to see My Son, either. I look forward to picking him up at school on Fridays because it starts My weekend early. Can't get enough of that, especially with My Mac on the fritz.

So I mosey on over to the nearest--yes, I said mosey--bakery for a quart of milk and some bread when there it was, the sunburst shine of a gloomy day fleeing like a politician from the truth.


For there on the front page of the printed toilet paper that is El Nuevo Día, was the sad-ass weasel mug of Jorge "Il Castrao" De Castro, looking like a fetid dog had pooped in his t-shirt, looking nothing like the glee-crazed asswipe who mached out of the local F.B.I.'s office thinking he was having the last laugh.

He isn't laughing now. His wife is (finally) divorcing him, she swore out a restraining order against him and the judge in his case green-lit 90 more charges against his sorry ass.

Laugh it up now, dimwit.

I actually bought the rag, paid 50 cents for the half-baked wad of incompetence just so I could tell as many people as I could that this picture--this picture right here of Il Castrao--should be slapped into every Spanish dictionary right next to the word pendejo.

Pendejo: n. See Jorge "Il Castrao" De Castro. See also the ones who will join him on this page in the coming months.

Il Castrao thought he was soooo smart. He's facing years, many many years, in jail. He deserves them and more, not for being stupid about his stupidity, but for being stupid about other people's smarts. This wretched-ass weasel thought he could skate by, untouched, leaving as broad a trail of his illegal actions as only a cretin could manage. He thought he was screwing the system: he's going to find out what a real screwing is now.

Now if only I could find the picture of Il Castrao leaving the Federal building, weasel-ass grin at full wattage and then, with easy artfulness, I can place them side by side in a little thing I can title Un Pendejo Entonces, Un Pendejo Ahora, Un Pendejo Siempre.

Then I can send it to Il Castrao to decorate his 8x10 cell for years to come.

The Jenius Has Spoken.


Kofla Olivieri said...

Sorry to hear about the computer, I learned my lesson long time ago. Now try to save everything in a flash drive every other month.

I wrote about de Castro de other day. The problem is that most politicians in PR are just like him, and we keep electing them into office. Here is the link, Saludos.


Davsot said...

Was your Mac old?

I didn't think Macs could have apocalyptic crashes. Crashes, yes. Apocalyptic no... lol

And yes, sorry to hear about that. I'm getting a 2TB backup drive cause my backup drive failed to store all my pictures (I'm a photographer).

I like documenting the Puerto Rico we live in now so it would be very tragic if I lost all my photos like the PR National Archives has lost many documents to hurricanes and burning buildings. Idiots