16 June 2010

Flee Market

After a Blogger-based disaster, here's the enraged short version of My post:

Flea markets are larger (more sellers and buyers), have more services, sell big-ticket items (appliances, computers), have increased marketing processes (banners, events) and represent a more formalized process, with businesses becoming permanent and more open about being part of the informal economy.

Prediction: Brokers will appear offering home-based services (landscaping, maid services, light home repair) with guarantees. Why? Because it takes advantage of the flea market: Cash-based, no licenses, anonymous and easy. Where does the guarantee come in? The broker gets paid and pays the provider when the service is performed to specs. And flea markets will become even bigger.

Flee the market. Flee the over-regulated, overtaxed, abusive, obstructive and unfair market, created and perfected because of Our government, and look to the "formal informal economy" for the future. It's as simple to describe as "Make more money, keep more money."
And fuck Blogger. 

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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Ray said...

Run self-hosted Wordpress.org and you'll have no more Blogger disasters!