28 June 2010

One More Target

So I take some time off and in that hiatus, putrid-excuse-for-a-senator Hector "Drug Dealers Are My Friends Forever" Martínez gets charged for fraud, conspiracy and bribery. These charges stem from the mealy-mouthed mewlings of former-putrid-excuse-for-a-senator Jorge "Il Castrao" Castro, he of the hundreds of charges and pending prison sentence.

Hector the Delictor's pending case is based on his alleged--coughcoughCOUGH--collaboration with Il Castrao in scheduling and approving legislation for the benefit of businessman Jorge Bravo, a security contractor of the weasel family of protectors. Hector the Delictor, true to form, had been denying that the federal investigation had anything on him, but of course, he had to know it was a matter of time before his pecadillos were exposed, especially when his "last" line of defense was a gonad-less scarecrow.

Now here's the rub, the central issue of this new step into the corruption underbelly of Our beastly government: there's one more target. Let Me illustrate:

--One senator, Il Castrao, has the power to set the agenda for legislation and does so by accepting bribes to place bills up for discussion and voting.

--Another senator, the Corpus Delictor, has the power to get legislation discussed and approved in committee, which virtually ensures full senate approval given that the statehood party--where these two douchebags fester--have full majority in that chamber. (As for a capital letters in "senate and "senator," those are signs of respect that I omit because I have utterly none for it and them.)

--Question: Who else would have to know--either directly or by proxy--that the agenda of the senate and the bills pending approval are being manipulated, i.e., bypassing protocol and procedure? Who was in position to oversee everything--directly and by proxy--of what was going on in the senate, for whom it was the primary responsibility to do so every step of the way?

The then-president of the senate, now secretary of state Kenneth "What? Me Next?" McClintock. (And ditto on "secretary of state".)

Folks, he had to know. Even an idiot--like him--could eventually figure out that rules were being bent and broken for a reason, that what was being done was shady and that being shady, it was being done for personal gain. That Il Castrao didn't go from broke and living with his parents to owner of a $260,000+ apartment--bought in cash--in a little over a year by being a financial whiz. That Corpus Delictor didn't rise to power even in the sewage of a party they militate in by virtue of leadership skills he had never shown anywhere else, and much less from a second-tier committee.

He had to know. And the feds know that he knew. So before the year ends, the charges they will lay on Kenneth "Yeah, Me Next" McClintock will show Us that, indeed, the rest of Us will know what I and Ken-Next already know.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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