02 July 2010

Later?! Really?!

This past Wednesday, June 30th, some hell broke loose at Our Island's Capitol Building, where the heavy-handed illegal banning of the press from the Constitutionally-mandated open proceedings in the senate (product of the feeble lizard brain of Thomas "Mad Führer" Rivera) had led to protesters gathering and attempting to enter the public space Our tax monies and votes allow. The police and security guards responded with tear gas, pepper spray and multiple beatings of unarmed citizens, including a mother-daughter pair that suffered notable injuries.

The bruiser tactics led to property damage, including police and press vehicles and widespread condemnation of the events by many, including the ACLU, Amnesty International, the local Press Associations and the enlightened citizenry of My Island. (The rest are...confused. I'm being polite.) In an attempt to harness the indignation that naturally arises from a situation like this, some "organizers" decided to hold a meeting at the Puerto Rico Bar Association's facilities.


That notion didn't last long, as many lawyer's notions do, and the meeting went "open," until the "organizers" stated that they were in the process of  "organizing" a "massive" protest against the (non)government's abusive and ill-conceived (I'm being polite) policies and actions. And to strike while the iron was hot, to hammer home the points raised by the events of June 30th, spread around the world in hours, they decided to hold the protest...July 18th.

Really? Really?

To the imbeciles (I'm being polite) who came up with this crapfest of an idea for a protest, here's two points you might want to consider:

1) The (non)government is a pro-statehood party.

2) July 4th, the BIG statehood shindig political date on Our calendar is only TWO FUCKING DAYS from now.

Do you imbeciles need Me to connect the dots? Okay: Use the momentum and anger generated two days ago to totally screw up the huge Public Relations sewage the party you want to slap down is holding two days from now. 

July 18th?! Really? On an Island that by next Tuesday will have some other, very unworthy social or political scandal to distract its hyper-ADD nature? When by the middle of next week Our feeble collective will, as solid and powerful against the waves of inertia as wet toilet paper, will have dissipated like a fart in a gale?

July 18th? Really?

Fucking imbeciles.

The Jenius Has Spoken.


Beato said...

we have preemptive strike calls, we are still waiting for the continuation of the Paro Nacional, and we are so pissed off we have to wait until July 18 to act.

...y se quejan de que Fortu/no convoco la conferencia de prensa 2 dias mas tarde. En la Comay.

We deserve what is happening to us. We are so bureaucratic that even strikes are bureaucratic...

Just like Life of Brian. The people's front of judea despise the judean people's front.

pero, despues de todos somos individuos, nadie tiene que decirnos que hacer...

GCSchmidt said...

I loved the "Life of Brian" reference, especially as it pinpoints the "We have met the enemy and it is Us" vibe this whole charade evinces. I insist We implement the "Club a politician once a year, without penalty" law so We can really make a difference in the short term.