08 November 2010

Another (Yaaawn) Student Strike

The students at the--yawn--University of Puerto Rico are--yaaawn--protesting again and threatening another strike.

Yaaaaaawn. Reminds Me it's sunny and warm in the Sahara today. Big deal.

Of course, the students are protesting the socioeconomic inequality that undermines the very foundation of Our nation...

No? Yawn.

Then they must be protesting the rampant corruption that pervades what We sneeringly call "government" and "business" in order to help focus attention on how much We are losing day after fershluggin' day...

No? Yaaawn.

Hold on, I'm wiping My eyes here... Seems the students are protesting over--money. Again.


A new--yawn--$200 fee that the University wants to charge to offset--yaaawn--debts.

A debt that the federal government has agreed will be covered by the Pell Grant. Yaaawn.

It means that some students will see a small decrease in the amount of money they get from Pell Grants, adjusted as they were last year. But the idea that these students could be out some $85 or so every semester has them in a frenzy--again--because Let's face, nothing upsets one of Our students more than seeing money given to them for nothing going to someone else. Burns their britches. Pisses them off. Makes them want to act, you know? 'Cuz this is important, man!

Here are some words of advice, Oh Students of Free Money: Get a job. Be frugal. Focus on the big picture. And learn something, instead of using college as a social club/adult day care center.

One more thing: stop making Me yawn.

The Jenius Has Spoken.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I think you're a little bit ill informed. First, the fee, is NOT of $200, is way higher. Second, not all of the students that go to the UPR receive Pell Grant Money, and most importantly, some of those who who does get it, have to use it not only to pay for books and beer, but for housing and living expenses. Actually, many of them get the Grants, and also work, and sometimes sustain their families (even their parents) because you know, living costs, yawn, money. even for, yawn, students. Third, this is a state owned institution, and by state owned I mean owned by you, me and our born or unborn sons. Hopefully, thanks to this, yawn, protests, they'll be able to cruise through college without getting in debt in the process. You know, the way it's supposed to work. It may be yawney, but its very important.
Having said this, I like your blog.

Luis said...

No son $200, son $800.

GCSchmidt said...

Folks, you are right, it is a projected increase of $800, but I was thinking of what it would be in effect, based on the adjustments made in grant funds, now extended. I made mention of them in My post, but didn't do it well. Sloppy writing and you are damn right to call Me on it. And Anonymous did so wittily, so I'm doubly pleased.


(You knew there was a "but" coming...)

From Terra and Yahoo! Noticias (links below; same article) come these fine words:

"Los manifestantes mostraron hoy también su rechazo a la beca aprobada anoche en el Senado, que supondrá la entrega de 30 millones de dólares a estudiantes provenientes de familias con bajos ingresos, al considerar la medida excluyente."

In brief, the students REJECT a senate-approved grant of $30 million for students from low-income families because they (gasp) "find the measure (is) excluding."

"Excluding"?! Let Me get over yawning for a second to expostulate at the students: Are you shitting Me? "Excluding"? WHO do you want to include? Everybody?

It goes back to two of My points: (1) Adjustments make the increase close to $200 (actually, $65) than $800, and (2) these (yaaawn) strikes are only about money. Only.

There's more:

"Las reuniones son las primeras tras el fin de una huelga que paralizó la UPR durante 62 días, cuyo fin, sin embargo, no acabó con el desacuerdo sobre el aumento de las matrículas que ahora vuelve a salir a la luz meses después."

The campus meeting about this strike follow a FAILED 62-day strike, trumpeted aaaaall over the freaking map as being a "social uprising" (yaaaawn) and was--AS I POINTED OUT THEN--only about money. Only. And again, I said back then it would fail and (yaaawn), I was right. Yawn.

I know there are students who work, and work hard. I know several, and they each know several more. I know of only one student who doesn't get Pell Grant funds, but does make do with student loans, a ridiculous debt load for what a college education is worth. That's one of My unspoken points (in this post, mentioned in a previous one): the education is probably not worth it and too many of those in the system aren't worth My taxes. For here's the final of My points: how many of those hard-working students that I know do you think actually get involved with the strike?

Right. None. They're too busy trying to get ahead instead of waiting or whining about another handout.

Spit. I'm through yawning.

Terra URL: http://noticias.terra.com/noticias/comienzan_las_protestas_por_aumento_de_matriculas_en_universidad_de_p_rico/act2584623

Yahoo! Noticias URL: http://noticias.terra.com/noticias/comienzan_las_protestas_por_aumento_de_matriculas_en_universidad_de_p_rico/act2584623

Unknown said...

The students are just playing right into the government's plans anyway. This administration thrives on conflict and another strike will help them justify (not that they need to) their plans for the University.
And yeah, whatever a degree costs today may actually be too much...