12 September 2011

Il Castrao's (Dead) Body Of Evidence

Let's hold Our noses pinched shut for a while as We take a closer look at the maggoty corpse of one Jorge "Il Castrao" Castro, the emasculated poster boy for really really stupid people who have the sheer unmitigated gall of thinking they are actually of average intelligence. And We will take this time for one simple reason: he is proving Me right.

Proof-in-the-pudding here.

Now, I don't need the support of someone beneath the contempt of an anal parasite, a noted liar, crook and weasel-faced con man with the morals of a pedophilic priest. But I caught a boatload of crap from some people--and you know who you are--for stating the following:

1) That the Il Castrao investigation was so huge (over 13,000 pieces of evidence) because it was also aimed at other targets.

2) That the targets of the investigation included current secretar(iat) of state, one Kenneth "Whinny Neigh" McClintock.

3) That an "ABC corruption scheme" was in place, with the "Alpha" being behind the ABC.

4) That the media is complicit, to wit, that the stranglehold the Ferré family has on newspapers is an obstacle to Our progress.

Now I am used to getting criticized for some of the things I write here. I actually look forward to it. Makes Me smile. But on the above topics, I got more than My usual (small) share of vitriol: I got it in waves. In fact, because of My intransigence on these positions, four people stopped talking to Me. Dropped Me like a leprous skunk. Haven't missed them...

...Until today. For according to the NotiCel proof-in-the-pudding, lawyers for Il Castrao are claiming that:

-- Evidence (testimony) against ex-senate president Kenny "Whinny Ninny", er, "Whinny Neigh" McClintock, (non)governor Luis "The Larva" Fortuño, ex-representatives and business leaders was given to the local Justice Department in 2008, but the prosecutors only went after Il Castrao. (Points 1 and 2.)

-- Amongst the business leaders named: one Antonio "Stick a Fork In It" Ferré, owner of the newspapers El Nuevo Día, Primera Hora and a double-handful of regional papers.  (Point 4.)

-- The extensive bribery and payoffs scheme's outlines, according to Il Castrao's testimony, includes The Larva as what can be called "the shadow in the background," or more briefly, an alpha for an ABC. (Points 1, 2 and 3.)

So here's My last word to the vitriol-spewing ex-friends of Mon Jenius: Suck it. 

Now is it possible that Il Castrao, knowing that his ass is grass, is lying, trying like hell to blame everyone he can think of to save his miserable skin? Yes, it is possible...in the same way it is possible that the Sun could be made of Philippine fondue cheese. For you see, Il Castrao, still facing tax evasion charges, gains nothing by lying, but can exact a measure of revenge for pushing the truth.

Let's see how much vitriol I get for stating that position.

I bet none.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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