05 February 2014

The Sky Fell Long Ago


Puerto Rico bonds are now junk.

But that's just Standard & Poor's opinion, right? The other two bond rating agencies are bound to see it differently, right?


But the U.S. of part of A. is going to step in, right?



Ain't gonna happen.

But We have solutions, right?


Is there any ray of light?

A few. Here's one. Here's another.

But what's going to happen?

Exodus. More of it.

Stagnation. More of it.

Multimillion dollars losses suffered mainly by those who worked most of their lives to build this economy so that hyenas could feast on it, fucking hyenas with names like Rosselló, Pierluisi, Acevedo, Rivera, González, Hernández, Ferré, Burgos, McClintock, Fortuño, Calderón, Cordero, Corrada, Romero, O'Neill, Miranda, Santini, Colorado, Cintrón, Rodríguez, Martínez, Crespo, De Castro, Pérez, Fajardo, Jarabo and many more. Fucking chancre-covered hyenas that idiots amongst Us cheered and slaved for, waved flags and honked horns for, slobbered over when they appeared on TV or in person and for whom We ultimately spread Our cheeks to for the reaming of Our futures.

Now The Ova and his late-to-the-party hyenas are trying not go all Pollito Chico and scream the obvious.


The sky isn't falling.

It fell long ago.

We're just noticing it now.


How stupid We were.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

1 comment:

somecholo said...

First, G.theJ.,...
spot-on tragic article about the continuing gutting of The People Of Your island. I counted 26+ scum-f*ckets getting filled by Your islands future progeny's blood.

(Side issue G., great new look to the blog, AND paper.li! I'm busy perusing the G.tJ.-expanse...) I had to throw that in there)...now...

Back 2 hell,...

Yeah, well all the fraudulent, shyster scum have devoted fans, a growing, yearning, huddling, amassing constituent audience...

"...That’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded..."

But it could be worse...

I could be non-Costa Rican, Suave!



See ya at the house...