24 August 2005

Dinars For Dummies

The Jenius was going to let this one pass... Puerto Rico State Department officials are removed from their posts because of perceived ethical violations in the sale of Iraqui dinars for dollars. Apparently, Prudencio "Bill" Méndez, second-in-command at the State Department, was shilling the dinars for his son, James Méndez.

"Another Fool and his latrine soil," thought The Jenius. That two other Fools were also caught was simply a statistic. But the latrine soil hit The Jenius' fan when Jimmy-boy's company name was mentioned in the article: Internet Management Services.

Jimmy-boy, if you want to sell Iraqui dinars to brain-dead compatriots or even brain-dead foreigners, that's your business. You and P.T. Barnum are simply a fact of life in the human cavalcade. But to call your company "Internet Management Services" is an insult to the many talented people that work Internet-related businesses. Real businesses, Jimbo, not fake "management" shops. The Jenius and many others are speaking up to help spread the word in Puerto Rico about the value of the Internet and reaching for global markets. In the midst of that urgent mission, you and several other lumps, including your father (so it's probably genetic) combine "Internet" and "global" into what can best be described as an "idiot trap."

Jimster, there's no accounting for taste or stupidity. You base your ""business"" (the doubled quotes are sarcasm, Jiminy; have someone explain it to you) on selling colorful pieces of "Iraqui" paper printed in England with the "promise" that someday, somehow, those little pieces of colored paper will be worth actual money. Investment experts are kind--or polite--enough to consider your offer "a high risk investment." The Jenius will save letters and call it crap.

However, as Hollywood, local TV and Fox News prove every day: crap sells. To the buyers of Jimmy-the-nonGreek's gamble, here's something to think about: What makes you think that Iraquis lack pride, dignity, honor, self-esteem and self-worth? The colorful bits of paper you are buying are NOT--let Me repeat--NOT the national currency of Iraq. It is worthless. To Iraquis, it is less than worthless: it is an insult. The moment a new Iraqui government is in place, they will replace the insult with their own currency. To Iraquis, currency printed by an invader--"invited" or not (and rest assured: definitely NOT invited) is, at best, toilet paper. You dummies for dinars, in your pathetic greed, are buying toilet paper from Puerto Rico's version of "Mr. Charmin".

The only way you could miss this point is if you simply cannot imagine having pride, dignity, honor, self-esteem and a sense of self-worth about your own nation. In that sense, James Méndez is simply bottom-feeding on pathetic souls.

There may be no crime in what Jim "Locate-A-Sucker" is doing. No legal crime. Morally and ethically, he is the equivalent of an open sewer on a buffet table. The saddest part is, there seems to be more of Us feeding from the sewer...

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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Anonymous said...

No lo pierdas, La verdad sobre los dinares! En WKAQ-580 am, Domingos a las 1:00 de la tarde.

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"La venta de dinares no es ilegal."declaro Secretario F. Bonilla, del Departamento de Estado de Puerto Rico.El Nuevo Dia,16 Marzo 2006

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