30 August 2005

Above Average

Lucy: "What kind of world would this be if people settled for being average?!"

Linus: "What kind of world IS this anyway?"

Chalk up another one for the blanket-wielding savant. In a world where 83% of people surveyed consider themselves "above-average" drivers, something has gone terribly wrong. There's no way 83% can be above-average, and the evidence of our daily driving tends to indicate that 83% of drivers are idiots. But how many amongst Us would admit to being an "average" driver, or worse? C'mon, don't be shy! Anyone?

We say We seek excellence, but by and large We choose mediocrity instead. Instead of seeking out a path to Our Greatest Selves, We sit back in couch-potato stupor accepting the flavor-of-the-day... day after day after day.

As human beings, We are as ordinary as each other, and yet, at the same time, We are obviously and emphatically unique. Why choose to bury that uniqueness? Why take the very core of what makes each Life so valuable--it's essential distinctiveness--and smother it in conformity and banality. When We deny Our Best, We deny Our Most.

Seek excellence. Your Own standard of excellence, not the "standard" imposed by bleaters who wouldn't know excellence if it bit them in the hindquarters. Life is a unique gift that you can share with the world in a way no one else ever has or ever will. Give it Your Best and truly Live.

And do it for your own reasons in your own way, not Mine or anyone else's. It's your Life. It's now: choose.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Gil, long time no hear. Wow, I like what you've written. Keep up the good work. We should get together (you, Kevin, and myself) and talk Internet/society stuff.

Definitely this site is going in my "must read daily" links.