22 August 2005

Two Doers

You may have seen links there on the right to certain blogs. Check out T.I.P.S. and Portal al Exito. T.I.P.S. (which means "Tourism Is Profitable Service") is created by Diana Figueroa, and though it features the occasional interruption by The Jenius, the blog is essentially the vision and passion that Diana brings to improving customer service.

You may wonder why anyone would be passionate about customer service. Why not? If you have ever been on the receiving end of shoddy service, you know then how important it is for a business to provide good service. If your business doesn't feel passionate about customer service, then ask yourself "Why not?" If that's the case, you better hope none of your competitors is passionate about service because you may quickly find yourself becoming passionate about bankruptcy laws. And remember that in these global times, your competitors are down the street, across town and around the world.

Diana's aim is for Us to understand--to integrate into Our very fiber--the Truth that great customer service is vital for Our Success. Service has no language except that of understanding human needs. To become a global leader, and that is what We seek, service must become Our Focus. And Diana is leading the way to that Focus.

And why "Tourism"? Again, why not? It's a major industry here and it puts Us in touch not only with visitors from other shores, but with Our own people. By the millions in both cases. Go read T.I.P.S. Think about service. Add your voice to what Diana's doing.

Kevin Shockey gets mentioned here almost as much as The Jenius. He is smart, thoughtful, honest, talented, vulnerable and relentless. Despite setbacks and perspectives that often cause many others to throw up their hands in despair and quit, Kevin keeps moving forward, probing, searching, seeking. He is not a rah-rah kind of guy nor a basker in spotlight. He is the more subtle type of leader, the one who adds his words and deeds at the right time to create the desired effect.

A recent post in Portal al Exito mentions a dearth of doers here in Our Island. Kevin is right: We don't have enough Doers. He mentions wanting to attract a major blogger event to the Island, creating a Web 2.0 incubator and greater participation in Open Source Minds.

For both events, Kevin, count The Jenius in. And OSMers, of which Diana is also one, are proud to count you as one of Us. We just wish We had more Doers, too.

The Jenius knows more Doers; He is lucky that way. If He could know ten times more, Our Future would definitely be better. The Doer search is always active; it is the fundamental process of progress.

The Jenius Has Spoken

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