02 August 2006


Get a load of this:

A fecal-filled fool of a senator, with the consent of the vice president of that sewer called the senate of Puerto Rico, invites a known--known--drug dealer on official visits to prisons. When said drug dealer is later shot for, oh, who knows why, another senator repeatedly intercedes with Medical Center staff to get the bullet-riddled guy some extra-special attention.

Then, to top off this descent into unforseen depths of idiocy, an assistant district attorney, a former deputy director of the Special Investigations Unit of the Police Department is also linked to the now-dead-as-a-doorknob drug dealer, having signed and "fast-tracked" the petition to get the dope (dealer) a handgun.

Because, you know, business is harsh out there.

Let's name names, shall We? The moron who invited his childhood friend the dope dealer to visit prisons as an "expert in the penal system" (apparently under the heading of "market research," right?) is Hector "I'm Bitter Cuz I Can't Pass the Bar Exam" Martínez, president of the senate commission on Safety, after having been denied the position of senate judicial committee chairman. (Can't cut it as a lawyer so he wants to have power over judges. Microcephalic, actually.)

Heckie-Dreckie has offered up several contradictory versions to "explain" his relationship and (lack of) reasoning in having a drug dealer involved in official senate duties. None make sense. None ever will. But what distinguishes Hector the Delictor is the monumental stupidity he has arrogantly thrust at Us, by making denials when evidence was beyond doubt and by "momentarily" resigning his commission presidency. "Momentarily"?! That's exactly like saying that his drug-dealing friend is "momentarily" dead.

The senate vice-president (as in "the position under the president" and not as "president of vice," which I understand is shared by everybody in the freaking legislature) is Epifanio "I Don't Need a Nickname Cuz 'Epi' Is Too Damn Funny" Jiménez, who knew the drug dealer and knew he was present during these senate visits to their future homes and let it happen every time. Peppy Epi could have been brainwashed, but that would imply there was actually something to wash in the first place.

The senator interceding on behalf of a shot-up creep was Lornna "My Dad's Insane and That's Hereditary" Soto, a woman so shrill and brittle she could be used for Defense Department sound vibration weapon tests. Why did she intercede? When she gives a straight rational answer, We'll all be surprised.

The assistant district attorney and the ex-police special investigations sub-director is José "I'm Failing Upwards!" Lozada. He reached his lofty D.A. position after having to resign his deputy director post because he "suddenly" acquired a top-of-the-line Mercedes Benz sedan, without any proof of purchase. Maybe he found it somewhere.

Here's the bottom line: We are in the grasp of sewage vermin. They only add layers of filth to what is already the deepest outhouse We've ever had the displeasure of peering into. And the hunch I have is that this disgusting series of antics is simply going to get worse.

And the drug dealer's name? Who cares? He's dead.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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Anonymous said...

And the people of Puerto Rico will still NOT care and keep voting this assholes back into office year in and year out. That's the real travesty!

We, as the most ignorant people on this earth, deserve this outhouse.