23 August 2006

Paltry Buffet

---Completing a hideous trifecta, a man who claims he was "inspired" by the shooting and abandonment of a two-year old, picks up his eight-month old son and slams him to the floor, causing massive injuries to the baby. There is no hell deep enough for people like this.

---On the plus side, the two-year old boy shot and abandoned is recovering well. His life is never going to be normal, but Let's hope it achieves some semblance of normalcy very soon.

---The senator whose good buddy the drug dealer was gunned down is now in another vat of hot water for putting up a billboard illegally. Seems this caca-brained Fool put it up after his infamous invitation to the drug dealer was made public. Only a Fool of his horribly-diminished mental capacity would think a billboard could save his (non)reputation. And get this: seems he stole the billboard, removing someone else's promotion to put up his. The monkeys have long been in the Metro Area...

---More and more noise is being made about the combined effects of the local import tax and newly-passed sales tax. The hit is in the 13.6% range and it includes food and medicine. Oh, is this going to play out well! Not only does no one have the slightest idea how the tax collection and distribution will be managed, We're already seeing the effects of taxation: prices rising and misapplications galore. Though the tax excludes business-to-business sales, many businesses are reporting that a "tax" is being added to their B-to-B purchases. It's illegal if it's called a tax, but not if it's called a "price hike" or "rate adjustment" or just "the cost of doing business."

And with the 13.6% hit coming November 15th, I'm glad My birthday is the 12th. People can actually save money by buying Me an expensive gift in pre-tax dollars!

---In another one of those "The Fools are unimaginably stupid" decisions, legislation is pending to exclude welfare recipients from paying a sales tax on their food purchases. The PAN funds that provide recipients with cash to buy foods and staple goods are provided through a Federal block grant, managed locally. To apply a tax on those funds requires Federal approval; to exclude them now requires local and Federal approval. In other words, when you mess with Uncle Sam's money, you have to dance to Uncle Sam's tune. What started out as a vote-getting stunt will become a major headache and another monkey-wrench in the sputtering local economy.

---Speaking of the local economy, during 2006, only 4 new major (500+ jobs) company launches or company expansions have been made in Puerto Rico. Actually, only two have been made, with two pending. Near as I can find out, no more are scheduled until mid-2007. Makes Me wonder...

---The outhouse local legislature started public hearings on what will happen to Puerto Rico when Cuba's economy opens. Here's My take on this: What the hell are you doing focusing on Cuba when We have terrible problems--many of which you Fools created--right here? Let Cubans worry about Cuba and you dimwads try--try, dammit--to make yourselves useful for once in your pathetic lives.

Want to know what will happen when Cuba's economy opens? Here's what: We're screwed. We go from being an occasional blip on the U.S. radar to stealth invisibility in about 13.6 hours. Dollars will flow to Cuba like We slaveringly dream they would to Us and many of those dollars will be ones We would have received. Tourism will be hit like We've been shot and Our economy will go from sputtering to tubercular lung-hack. Why? Because We've wasted Our time in political monkeyshines rather than seeking Our deserved position on the global economy.

You Fools want to do public hearings to "prepare" for Cuba's opening? You're 30 years too late, 300 times too stupid and 3,000 hours from finding out what's really going to happen.

The Jenius Has Spoken.


Ana Oquendo said...

Oh, Canada! Oh, Canada!

Seriously though, enough with the comparisons of politicians to fecal matter... Shit already has a bad reputation, no need to make it worse by comparing these esteemed waste byproducts of the living with our politicians.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Holy crap. That was a good piece on our "preparation's" for Cuba.