07 August 2006

Non-Random Observations

---Quoting Myself: If reincarnation exists and I come back as a chancre on a roach's ass, I'd still be worth more than a politician.

---The Popular Democratic Party has its lengthy list of corrupt, venal and criminal politicians, but it's NOWHERE near as long as that of the New Progressive Party. Yes, I'm saying that there are lots more estadista scum than scummy populares. Deal with it, because We have to.

---That organized crime and government go together like milk-and-cookies is a common occurrence in the U.S., Italy and Japan. That it is a common ocurrence in Puerto Rico can be conclusively proven as the current "investigation" into the stupid senators who dealt directly with a known drug dealer wends its way through the coming days.

---NOW, does anyone remember or give a tinker's damn about the $3,000 suits the jellyfish governor of Ours received as "gifts" or whatever the spineless wonder claimed that mess was? Information Soldier, your "political memory" website idea (post in Spanish) has gone beyond "vital" to "mandatory" as a tool to help get Us on the right track. Count Me in to lend two hands.

---I said it before and I'll say it again: Unless We make a concerted effort to disrupt the fetid momentum of the Fecal-Filled Fools, 90% of them will be re-elected in 2008. I mean that: 90%. Because as a democracy, We have the collective IQ of a banana.

---Too many Fools walk around with the idea that gaining 54% of the vote gives them a "mandate." That's like saying you can buy a Ferarri with food stamps: What you got ain't anywhere near enough to close the deal.

However, when you as the Fecal-Filled government ASK the people what they want and they return a clear majority, THEN you have a mandate. Let Me remind you scumbags that 84%--EIGHTY-FOUR PERCENT--of Us voted FOR unicamerality. So, loopy, lawless, lunkheaded legislature, you have a mandate to move towards unicamerality. Not that you will, unless We can convince your shrunken lizard-stem ganglia that money will flow to your pockets if you do... {And if you trash-feeders want to allege that "only" 22% of the registered voters participated, you're barking down the wrong sumphole: You accepted the rules of the game, so you can't change them after the fact went against you.}

---Despite the brilliance of the idea of forming a third party in Puerto Rico to clean out the legislature (called in Spanish Partido de Saneamiento Legislativo, or PASALE), it won't amount to much. In two-party democracies, a third party is mildly successful when the members of one party are sufficiently disgusted with it to follow someone's lead into becoming a fractionate minority.

Incredibly, despite Our constant force-feeding of sewage by T.F-F.F., despite the overwhelming evidence that they are morally bankrupt, intellectually retarded, emotionally deranged and just plain disgusting as faux humans, We as a people are not disgusted enough to launch a third party and make something good of it. Sure, we sign petitions and discuss it over beers, but when push comes to shove, We'll wimp out.

---Here's the "light" at the end of the tunnel: When the whole outhouse We call government is ripped open, We won't have to do much to shred The Fools. Like hyenas with rotting meat, they'll rip each other up in demented frenzy. Let's hope that day is soon.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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