21 August 2006


My Thanks to Rebecca MacKinnon, of Global Voices, for selecting another Jenius post. I always feel honored when that happens.

---A two-year old boy is shot twice by his often-abusive father and left for dead in an abandoned car. Twenty-four hours later, the boy is found by two policemen during a routine check. The boy, barely alive, is rushed to the hospital by two veteran cops who still can't talk about those moments without breaking into tears.

Along the same nauseating lines, a two-year old girl is raped and beaten to death. One of the policemen assigned to the case trembled visibly a few days later as he described the scene, rage and sadness tumbling out in choked words.

We often cast Our police in a brutal light and chidingly whitewash Our inept youth as parents, but it shouldn't take a filthy punk's shooting of a toddler and the brutal death of a baby girl to make Us wake up to the reality that not all Our cops are punks and not all Our punks should be allowed to reproduce.

---There's a prediction going around--waaay after Yours Truly tossed it out there--that the 6.6% import tax will be tacked on to the 7% sales tax come November 15th, casting the mega-buying Christmas season into a wallowing ditch. We've already seen how the second-best buying season (Mother's Day) was severely curtailed by Our elected thieves and freaks, so tell Me: Is Our so-called government sending Us all to economic hell, one buying season at a time?

---Would you believe the outhouse of representatives vice-president Epifanio "Epi Schleppy" Jiménez went on a local "game" show, one whose main attraction is silicone-bolstered boobs (and surgically-enhanced breasts), to take a lie detector test?

Get Me the knife.

Unoddly enough, the boob show ended without any findings. This was an elected leader, holding one of the highest offices in Our government, going onto a "Gong Show" scenario to "prove" his innocence. All he proved is that he has only contempt for his position, contempt for the voters and We're equally contemptuous for not beating "Epifartio's" brainlessness out of office.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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