09 October 2006

Another Blast from the Past

This one from February 29th, 2002, in the once-active PuertoRican.com. It's about the corrupt hyenas of the statehood party, and nearly five years later, still rings with ugly familiarity:

Blasting Leeches

An Open Letter to the New Progressive Party “Leadership”:

Give it up.

Forget calling this “The worst period of the Party.” Call it what it is: The end. You people have connived and schemed and raped the public treasury to your lizard brains’ contentment and if you had any shred of decency, any moral scruples higher than that of a crack-addicted alley whore, you’d quickly leave your posts and head for the nearest courthouse.

You started this over a decade ago, knowing that [then-governor Rafael] Hernández Colón (he of the Spanish Connections) was a lame duck and [then-candidate Hector Luis] Acevedo was just lame. You selected a candidate with no political savvy at all and forced him onto the Party faithful. Yeah, Pedro [Rosselló] was a doctor; even better. And to make sure the patsy didn’t stray too far, you saddled him with a Horse [nickname for Carlos Romero Barceló]. You think this ain’t so? Well let me remind you that Pedro was adamant, publicly adamant, against the Horse. But he acquiesced and was doomed.

If Pedro was half as smart as he thinks he is, he would’ve seen through the whole scheme between the election and his Inauguration. Cuz he ain’t, it took him over a year to figure it out. And then he did what any “I’m-so-smart-and-in-charge-guy” would’ve done when he discovers his pants are down and his underwear is wedged up to his ascending colon: He began forcing the issues. Again you doubt? He’s already picked cronies to occupy Cabinet positions and in Year Two of his slide into rot, he started giving orders. Remember? He was no longer “discussing the issues,” or “evaluating parameters”: He started telling the Party what to do and how to do it. And you dimbulbs had to take it, cuz Pedro knew the score and HorseMan and Company were outta cards to play.

I’ll be blunt: You people chose to be leeches. If you find that a bit harsh, good. It shows you at least have a vocabulary left. For when it comes to brains, hoo-boy, you people are dumber than day-old dirt. Hell, I’ll even tell you why, so’s you know.

• You people say you represent a Statehood option for Puerto Rico. First mistake, but I’ll let that slide.
• That so-called option is NOT A RIGHT. Get that through your thick skulls. In their house, they are the masters, just as we should be in ours.
• Since it isn’t a right (read above to refresh your memory), statehood is by invitation. Whatever you want to call the details, it all boils down to the U.S. Government has to invite the territory in, regardless of whether there’s a formal request or not. (Check your history, people. Have someone read it to you.)
Since we’d have to be invited, does it make sense to play footloose and fancy-free with Federal funds? Especially when Puerto Rico receives more funds per capita than all but 7 States? Is that the way to finagle an invitation? Tack on to that the fact that you don’t represent a majority of the voters and your money-grabbing, bottom-feeding, sick-as-leprous-pus scheme is the absolute stupidest thing you could have done.

If I were a New Progressive Party faithful, I’d call for all of you to be hung, shot or quartered. Hell, I’m not and I’m still calling for any of these. You people sold your pathetically noxious souls to Mammon (it’s a better name in Spanish, for this particular topic) and went beyond biting the hand that feeds you to wiping your butts with it time and again. THAT should REALLY endear you to Uncle Sam, right? Right?!?

Do us a favor: Give it up. Just give it up. Crawl into the nearest jail cell and rot away. Give it up and save us some of the money you repulsive parasites have stolen. It’s your only chance to have ever helped us in any way.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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