02 October 2006

Fetid Blast From the Past

The current "SuperTube" scandal (and I will reluctantly--very reluctantly--refrain from making any metaphors concerning a large phallic object and its present effect on Us) shows how debased Our political system is. Not only are close associates of former governor Pedro "I AM the SuperTube!!" Rosselló facing major fraud and bribery charges, the key witness sued the government for reneging on a contract he had paid a bribe on. In other words, We've reached a point where there's no honor amongst thieves.

Boo. And hoo.

Brought back to mind something I wrote back in 2002 on the now-defunct PuertoRican.com website. In its basic points, it still--humiliatingly--applies:

Puerto Rican.com – Week of January 21, 2002

Let Pus Flow

Former Education Secretary Victor Fajardo publicly admits his guilt, names enough names to also have 16 of his fellow vermin arrested and then, Victor the Vice Man slams his “so-called friends”, the “fair weather” kind who now denounce and renounce him.

Hey, Victor the Loser: What did you expect? Let’s face it: If you were stupid enough to engage in fraud with these creeps, then you are certainly lacking in the mental acumen to anticipate that all rats abandon ship at the slightest hint that the ship is sinking.

Or maybe you’re referring to the political leeches that ostensibly received the benefits of your “sacrifice,” your fellow party leaders? Again, try to think: You’re one of many and there just isn’t enough sympathy to go around. Hell, man, even your former Governor and former Resident Commissioner Carlos Romero goes on record again as saying it’s not the party’s fault, but the individual’s. So you see, Victor-the-Education-Benedict-Arnold, you screwed up real bad, but the party, ah, the party sails loftily on.

And your current party president, Carlos Pesquera, just spent two days’ worth of press conferences pathetically whining “persecution,” putting more passion into this miserable “defense” than he did during the entire campaign. And what does he say now, the day you rend your tiny, miserable soul? “We repudiate the acts taken.” Uh-huh. Love the act’s result (moneymoneymoney!), but hate the sinner. Victor, you bad, bad (and stupid) boy!

And then things get uglier, as if watching the pus flow from putrid flesh weren’t bad enough: The current president of the Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce, Richard D’Costa, is also arrested. Along with him, executives from various other companies also got rounded up. It isn’t a surprise to see private companies involved in these pestiferous schemes. But when the president of the business organization that is supposed to best exemplify the highest standards of ethics and productivity acts like a walking bag of fertilizer, then we can’t ignore how deep and debilitating this rot is.

Still doubt it? Vic the Not-So-Slick testified that this scheme began in former Governor Pedro Rossello’s first administration. (Only for those of you who doubted, the total number of years is at least 6 and as much as 9. You’re welcome.) Check back on these columns and you will see that this is not a surprise, either: It is simply part of the gangrene.

And lest we forget, the Governor, Sila Calderón, leaps into the breach and vows to continue the “war” on corruption. One does not “fight” rot: It is excised, burned or cured. Period. In concrete terms, you can fire people or scare them straight (the moral penicillin.) In either case, Madam Governor, you have already lost the war, for you have neither the power to slash and burn, nor are your forces free from the widespread leprosy. Continue making speeches, though: At least you may preserve the illusion that the moral high ground still exists.

And just for completeness, let’s revel in the coming buffoonery of the Independence Party as it once again limits itself to pointing crabbed fingers, spouting useless platitudes and jiggling like glastnost-hating hard-line comrades in their ever-futile attempt to come up with a solution, any solution, to make their party look like a reasonable alternative to voting for Batman.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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