26 October 2006

Three Lists

I've read over and over again that one thing people love to find in blogs is lists. So here, in the spirit of "Why one when three can be done?"...lists.

Here's one list that weighs on Me right now, as I've watched My overall level of productivity drop below My normal. Since I'm a freelancer, it is entirely My responsibility to make the most of My time and energy and by not paying the proper attention, I've let Myself down. Although the list is aimed at managers, what are you if not the manager of your own self?

Eight Ways to Wipe Out High Performers
1. Work overload
2. Lack autonomy (micromanagement)
3. Skimpy rewards
4. Loss of connection
5. Unfairness
6. Value conflicts
7. Let low-performers ride
8. Create an environment of fear, uncertainty and doubt

This second list indicates clear signs that things are heading to hell in a handbasket, whether you see them in an individual, a group or a society.

Seven Deadly Deficiencies
1. Contempt for others
2. Obsession with self
3. Commitment dysfunction
4. Inflexible mindset
5. No productive focus
6. Unrelenting pessimism
7. Embraces Dilbertian views of leaders

However, there are ways out of this funk and these items are well within reach of all of Us...some more than others, of course.

Ten Ways to Build Passion
10. See greatness in those around you and share your vision
9. Express constructive feedback in terms of "the vision"
8. Believe that things can be different and approach the improbable with optimism
7. Set high standards for performance and hold EVERYONE accountable
6. Demonstrate courage, judgement, risk-taking and continuous improvement in your own performance
5. Recognize and celebrate success
4. Design growth experiences that stretch but don't break people
3. Invest in trust and even love
2. Respond maturely to failures and setbacks
1. Push power and decision making down

Corollary: Success depends more on the strengths you emphasize than the weaknesses you minimize.

The Jenius Has Quoted.

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