23 February 2007

Forget the Facts, Ma'am

Unbelievable. In what can only be described as blind injustice, another lady judge has ruled that former governor and tapeworm senator Pedro Stupid Rosselló can be absolved of charges surrounding his top-echelon pension. This judge was vehemently opposed by Stupid's defense team and state-hood-ers and yet, in the end, damn the facts and full speed backward.

Let Me go over the facts again, though I already did that:

Stupid Rosselló faced three charges:

1) Falsification of documents
2) Receiving undue personal benefits by virtue of using the governor's office
3) Illegal appropriation of public monies

The facts--the f-----g facts, people--are that Stupid provided false documents supposedly proving he was working at the local Psychiatric Hospital when he was actually playing tennis and in college at the time. Those documents could not have been provided by anyone else because no one is authorized to request a pension for someone else. Stupid made his pension upgrade request several times and in the end, to get his upgrade, he provided information he KNEW was false.

There are two scenarios that absolve him: He had someone else file his request (to keep his hands "clean"), in which case he is guilty of the second and third charges or that instead of "working" at the Psychiatric Hospital, he was an inmate. For this charge there is NO way a "not guilty" conclusion can be drawn because Stupid Rosselló properly reported his whereabouts BEFORE becoming governor and changed his story AFTER he was in office solely for the purpose of getting a bigger pension.

Which brings Us to charge two: Using the governor's office for personal benefit. The head of the State Retirement Fund is in jail because he was found guilty of providing his boss--his boss, people--with a pension said sack of reeking guano did not deserve. Said smelly guano bag made his fraudulent request eight times, which in this context, is the same as having your boss TELL YOU seven times you are NOT "following through." Remember, keep this clear as two judges already proved they cannot: Stupid Rosselló KNEW he didn't have the time served for the pension he was requesting. To continue his petitions--from the governor's office--was at best unethical and at worst criminal misconduct.

As for charge three, illegal appropriation, Stupid Rosselló cashed the checks for amounts he didn't deserve and said he wouldn't give the ill-gotten money back. He lied to get the additional public funds he is not entitled to. Based on the facts, he is guilty on all three counts.

But like too many other things here, facts have a way of fading into the background and becoming irrelevant, smothered by tides of incompetence, fear and ignorance. Stupid Rosselló walks out of a courtroom where Justice never even had a shadow.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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Anonymous said...

You didn't really think that a former governor was going to be found guilty on an island so corrupt they make the hey day of the mafia pale in comparison, did you?

No sitting judge is going to commit suicide by doing so. And I don't blame them. Where else are they going to skim so much money from.

What job? On this island?

Only the pions go to jail for what the well connected politicians have them do.

This is a warning to all political ass kissers, STOP kissing ass, because when the time comes, your beloved and well connected politician will not share the jail cell with you.