21 February 2007


Some points to ponder...

1) If local elections were held today, the jellyfish--Aníbal Acevedo--would win simply because the opposition is faced with a "choice" between a rabid malcontent focused on power (Stupid Rosselló) and a begging fetus aspiring to become a jellyfish (current Resident Commissioner Luis Fortuño.) Seeing as how the jellyfish has no apparent rival--yet--he could become another two-term governor.


2) All the sound and fury about the unicameral bill is just that. The Fools will never place it anywhere near the electorate again in any binding fashion, so what We have is a another time-waster paid for by public monies.

3) Speaking of which, a good friend of Mine said recently: "I don't mind the stealing that goes on in government, because it's part of the process, but can't they (the corrupt) get things done right?" I was about to verbally thrash his argument to shreds when it dawned on Me: He has a point. We have reached the point of tolerating corruption, but by tolerating crass incompetence, We are actually encouraging both trends to continue. So maybe My friend's opinion is unsound, but by applying pressure to get the results We want, maybe We can reverse the downward spiral We're trapped in.

4) Prediction: The number of tourists visiting Puerto Rico this year will drop compared to 2006. The culprit: New passport regulations. Although Puerto Rico is exempted for U.S. citizens (meaning they can visit without a passport), many people won't grok that. And of those who do, the passport's "image" as a ticket to exotic places just doesn't seem to jibe with the more "domestic" image the Island tries to project in its advertising. Idea: Make Puerto Rico seem more exotic, while still emphasizing the "no passport" ease of travel. Since the Tourism idiots won't do that and We face increasing competition from the Caribbean, We're headed for a significant drop in both visitors and revenue.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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Jose G. Rodriguez said...

My humble opinion about the word corruption: the government is so out of control that the word "corruption", at this point, can no longer be used to stain another persons credibility or reputation. Remember, the others truly believe it's political persecution.

They aren't corrupt ... they're con-artists who've been able to convince a sector of the population (zombie followers) to put her/him into office.

The zombies need to be turned into objective people.