23 July 2008

Curs and Fleas

The local media is flapping its gums at the scandal of uncovering that Our aborted legislature has spent nearly $43 million in consulting contracts since 2005. That averages out to about a million dollars a month paid to people who live off of the Fools.

Allow Me an analogy: The Fools are dogs and the consultants are fleas. Think of the Fools as rabid dogs, out of their puny diseased brains, and the fleas, well--they are parasites.

Here's an egregious example of parasitic fleas and mindless curs: Koteen is a company that provides what is quaintly known as "a clipping service," ambulating through newspapers and magazines and nodding off to radio and TV reports. For this service to the so-called senate, Koteen has billed well over $800,000.

Koteen is owned by the brother of a former San Juan political candidate who still runs with the pack.

Koteen's only client--since 2005, when it was founded and had no experience in "clipping"--is the so-called senate.


Of course, in this "You lick My ass, I'll lick yours" world of rabidly-uncontrolled Fools, the pack comes together and makes very little political hay about this, even in an election year. After all, the pack protects its own, even if they snarl and fight within their boundaries. It's a harsh world out there! 

Here's a thought on how to fix this: Have each Fool pay 10% of his or her wasted salary to each consultant s/he chooses to hire. You say you need a consultant? Fine. Put your money where your mouth is. Watch how the "need" for consultants disappears overnight.

A second option is to simply shoot the rabid cur first, then ask the carcass what its intentions were.

The Jenius Has Spoken.


Anonymous said...

Most of the time, "consulting" is a farce. I'll give my opinion on something, a lot of time with no facts to back it up, and then I will just have to charge you $394 per hour.

Sickening. And then you will hear how the government has no money. Yeah! No kidding, you "consulted" it all away.

Will these politicians ever learn? No. Because no one is holding them accountable. And in the even that things come to light, they get a slap on the wrist and a kiss on the cheek.

GCSchmidt said...

Ramona, sometimes the slap and kiss are on the butt cheek...

The politicians will learn, I believe, when We teach them the lesson in no uncertain terms. I have long advocated executing one a year, but there are much less drastic measures We can use that would be (almost as) effective.