15 January 2009

Murderous Moron Roundup

I wish they would roundup the murderous moron...

Ever so often I would leave the zeitgeist of Puerto Rico to focus on the shitheadedness of one George "Dubya" Bush, the rectum in the body politic of the U.S. of part of A. Seeing as how his two stolen terms in the Oval Orifice are about to be ended, I present a "Jenius Jots" list of murderous moron-related articles, preceded by a heartfelt So long, murderous moron... May your future be spent in prison.

These are from Esquire Magazine: 

--The Case for George Bush: A devil's advocate who quickly loses steam.

--The Case Against George Bush: The case for was like a peashooter; the case against is like the Fourth Army Corps with air support. And allies.

--What Bush Meant: Pifflegab and outright, barefaced lies. That's what the murderous moron meant.

--What the Hell Just Happened? A Timeline of the Bush Years: Take 2 minutes and then a Prozac...

Over at AlterNet, So Long Worst President Ever; 10 Reasons History Will Hang You. Read it and note that for 4 of these--yes, FOUR--other presidents have either been Congressionally threatened with impeachment or faced impeachment. The murderous moron has yet to face even one threat.

Which brings Us to Leonard Pitts, Jr. of The Miami Herald, with an Open Letter to George W. Bush that reads in part:

"The future is, by definition, unknowable. But it is simply inconceivable to me that history will judge you anything but harshly. Frankly, I think it will judge us all that way, will marvel at the things we let you get away with, the principles Americans can betray, when they are scared.

As with the internment of the Japanese during World War II, and the McCarthy excesses of the 1950s, I think fear will be the defining statement of this era. Fear, and the terrible things we did, condoned and became as a result.

Godspeed, then, Mr. Bush. Good health and long life. I hope you live to hear history itself tell you what an awful president you were."

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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