30 January 2009

Some Not-So-Random-Thoughts, Again

---Here's a screenshot of "What's wrong with America," referring, for what what you will see is an obvious reason, to the U.S. of part of A. If it doesn't make you sick, you vote Republican and are an idiot.

---Has anybody noticed how absolutely awful Our ungovernor Luis "The Larva" Fortuño is at this running the government deal he fell into? He can't even seem to get his face to mask the confusion he's wallowing in. I'd call it "a deer in headlights" look, but deers at least know how to jump out of the way...

---Long-time readers of The Jenius may remember I wrote about Billie, an enchanting soul of a lady I met on a flight from Jacksonville. Earlier this week I received an e-mail from Steve, stuck in Oklahoma. To his surprise, his first encounter with The Jenius was to read about Billie, a woman who helped him so much he literally credits her with saving him. His contact with Me was to help find her so he could speak with her again.

Could I say no? Steve and I talked for over an hour and a half about Billie, her impact on Us (a lifetime for Steve, a life-moment for Me), past jobs, words, how states differ from each other, hospitality, jokes and several things more. Best damn 90 minutes of My week, I can tell you that. And all because some seemingly-random events (flight delays by weather, different seats, My uncharacteristic choice to chat instead of read) led to Me blogging about a woman's wonderful legacy, one that so touched Steve's life. And now Mine.

I'll keep trying to reach Billie, and stay in touch with Steve. I hope We find her.

---There's a big orange "Call Me!" button up there on the left. Yup, if you choose, you can pick up your telephone of choice and ring Me up. No joke. Several of My readers already do this, but they're the ones who know Me from way back and have My cell phone number on speed dial. (Or maybe not. But they should.) 

In any case, the rest of you can just click on the friendly orange button and reach Me. Don't say you never got the chance...

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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