02 February 2009

A Deadly Sin Unleashed

There was a bit of a tiff recently in Our (out)house of (non)representatives, one that simply adds another dot in the emerging outline of a woman's raw march to power.

A Fool named José "Conny" Varela (no, I didn't give him that nickname) decided he was either going to take a stand against the party in power and/or seek some facetime with the local media by stating that he would not accept his pay raise and allowance increase.

(The possibility that he did so out of a true concern for the plight of the common wage earner in these difficult economic times is the same possibility that, in Hell, ice cubes serve as hand warmers.)

The pay raise and allowance increase--that happened automatically since the Fools legislated it that way--went into effect this term, so "Con(ny)" decided he wouldn't take it. The president of the (out)house, one Jenniffer "Gluttonny" González responded to this statement by a fellow Fool by--make sure you're sitting down--suspending the entire pay and services budget due to "Con(ny)".

Yes, she not only froze his salary, she also froze the operating budget for his services as a supposed representative. In other words, she cut him off at the knees solely because he made her look bad.

Don't think so? Okay, answer this: in what other way does "Con(knee)'s" statement harm The Gluttonnous One? Go ahead, I've got time... 

Yeah, I know: there is no other way. "Gluttonny" hammered "Conny" for one reason and only one reason: To make sure her positions are not openly challenged as she climbs to the governor's mansion.

Alongside this pay raise tiff is a little thing called consultants, a position "Gluttonny" said (to Me, in fact) would be studied carefully with the goal of "reducing the budget for them and consolidating their services to make better use of expenses." So what does "Gluttonny" do the first month of her reign of feeding frenzy? She hires her mentor for $120,000 a year and her close friend for $80,000, and others, in contracts that are directly linked to her office. In short, her hirings topped the $280,000 mark and are exactly the kind of contracts she supposedly took her stand against.

So what have We learned from this?

1) The pay raise and allowance increase are wrong, but only one Fool spoke out against them.

2) "Gluttonny" is insecure and will over-react in the way insecure people will. Her key hot buttons are related to her position (she's keenly aware of having come very far in a short time), her personal life (not a political issue, but one that does and will come into play; just ask her mentor who faced allegations of being a lesbian) and her educational level (she's studying law and likes to point out that she reads voraciously.)

3) She no longer looks to The Larva in the governor's mansion for guidance. Her smackdown of "Conny" was not an action The Larva would suggest or condone. This is the first clear action she takes that says she will act outside the narrow limits of The Larva's puny political acumen.

4) And finally, that "Gluttonny" is nothing more than a political animal, no different from The Jellyfish or The Horse or any other lamebrain excuse for lousy leadership. But those other two animals were governors, and "Gluttonny" wants to make this a list of 3-for-3.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

P.S. -- If "Conny the Insignificant" had really wanted to take a strong stand against the pay raise and allowance increase, he would have rallied to continue running his office despite "Gluttonny"'s draconian action, thus casting her and her entire party's positions in bas relief. That he didn't, that he actually capitulated within a day of "Gluttonny"'s response to him shows that "Conny" and his party lack brains, guts and imagination. Three cheers for the Fools!

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