05 June 2009

Don't Care, Won't Care

This won't take long...

I was asked--by My Special One--how I could be insensitive to the situation the displaced government workers are going through and essentially unmoved by the more layoffs to come. I wasn't asked that in order to point a finger or raise a welt from criticism, but more as a window to My thoughts.

Take a look:

---I believe most government workers--the bulk of the bureaucracy--are mediocre workers at best...and they know it. That's why they choose the "security" of government work, do a lousy job at it, hate it with a passion, but don't dare leave to actually have to earn a living in the private sector.

---I believe most government workers are replaceable with machines, better systems and dead space. That includes the legislative outhouse and its seepage systems.

---I believe the government started growing in number of jobs in order to make up for a lack of imagination, creativity and intelligence brought on by winning the faux-governor's mansion without being prepared for it. Yes, I'm talking about Luis "Piano Man" Ferré and his "stuff the government and build highways with my company's cement" economic disaster "plan." 

---And I believe the self-same goverment, led by facetious weasels of all parties, have perpetuated the "stuff the government" blood sausage of plan in order to increase their levels of influence. Screw the economy, they cackle (weasels do cackle), We're in this for power!

So when--if...IF--those excessive jobs are hacked and slashed to oblivion, I won't feel any pain, remorse or sympathy for the clueless mediocrities who mark time in exchange for money, who clog the septic system like cement-laden feces and drag the talented and hard-working lot of Us down to their pathetic level.

The sooner they start wailing, the better.

The Jenius Has Spoken. 


Skai said...

I agree!

GCSchmidt said...

Thanks. Though it saddens Me that We agree on this.