01 June 2009

Gluttonny Unleashed

Oops, I did it again.

That line might make you think of Ms. Spears, and if so, please imagine the bloated fat skank, not the poster girl for Google porn searches. You'll see why in a minute.

First, some quotes:

"Will: Here "Gluttonny" takes a clear lead, rating at an 8 to "Tantrum"'s 5, largely because the latter hitched his will to former (mis)governor Pedro Stupid Rosselló while "Gluttonny" only pretended to hitch hers to The Larva's barely-existent will."

"3) She no longer looks to The Larva in the governor's mansion for guidance. Her smackdown of "Conny" was not an action The Larva would suggest or condone. This is the first clear action she takes that says she will act outside the narrow limits of The Larva's puny political acumen."

"I pointed out that unless The Larva handled those three aspects well, his term would end in 2012... Why? Because he would face not only public rejection as "another loser," but also internal rejection from "his" party, where candidates such as Thomas "S.S. Don't Mean Social Security" Rivera (soon to be Senate President) and Jenniffer "Gluttonny" González were already plotting to challenge for the governorship."

"For example, if "Gluttonny" (Oh boy, talk about a drumbeat...) had asked Me why I gave her that nickname, I would point to the post and say "You're in politics mainly for yourself." She could argue that I'm wrong, but the weight of the evidence--as I see it--shows her grabbing everything she can for her own benefit."

All four quotes clearly apply to (Out)House president Jenniffer "Gluttonny" González, she of the hefty...ambitions. Hard-nosed, sometimes vehement suppporter of dark horse candidate Luis "The Larva" Fortuño back when the choice was either him in his geeky awkwardness or former (con)governor Pedro Stupid Rosselló, the rabid mad dog of the Virginia lowlands. Time passed and "Gluttonny"'s hefty...support for now (non)governor Luis "The Larva" Fortuño has become a snarling grab for 2012 positioning.

At a time when the government's excessive size makes it the holding pen for a massive herd of incompetents, 'The Larva," after much mealy-mouthed handwringing, cuts 7,800+ jobs and "Gluttonny"--privy to every government and party discussion on this matter--suddenly turns around and lashes at the putative leader of her government and party and takes him to task in defense of those jobs.

Why? Why would "Gluttonny" do this? She's a high-ranking member of the same party the (non)governor belongs to (but doesn't lead.) She's a key legislative Fool--er, cog--in "The Larva's" (non)administration. So she's right there with "The Larva" in this much-needed step to restore Our socioeconomic strength.

And that's the problem. The solution is needed, but "Gluttonny" wants no part of it...for it severely interferes with her ambitions to replace "The Larva."

Don't think so? You're wrong. In this job-cuts solution, the other key ("key" as in "obnoxious") player is Thomas "Tantrum" Rivera, who has already made it overabundantly clear he wants no part of "The Larva" and has already staked his "higher ground" to belittle the (non)governor. Only "Gluttonny" is still seen as a "team player" on "The Larva"'s feckless and winless team.

Until today. "Gluttonny" has just made the first overt move on her positioning campaign for 2012. She picked her moment to keep "Tantrum" from gaining too much ground, for though he might still be tainted by his "I'm with Stupid" past, the party voters in general have short memories and low IQs. (So do the other party's voters, but I digress.)

So having pegged "Gluttonny" and her ambitions from Day One, now what? A warning: "Gluttonny" is not aiming for leadership. Leadership is beyond her and she's just perceptive enough to know that. No, her aim is power. And whether she hits the target or not with that aim, We're the ones who will take the hit.

The Jenius Has Spoken.

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